Vladimir Putin mobilizes 300,000 reservists: “We will use all means, this is not a bluff”


Vladimir Putin Announced this Wednesday Partial military mobilization. Russian President Addresses Citizens in Official Appearance, Announces Reinforcement of Russian Troops in Ukraine, Using His 300,000 Reservists.

The Russian president announced that part of the mobilization will begin on Wednesday after he signed a decree allowing the operation and will Legal status of all volunteers fighting in the DonbassPutin insisted that this was a “partial mobilization” that would only affect the reserve army, “not a full mobilization” and that all involved would receive additional training.

In his first televised speech since the war broke out on February 24, Putin stressed his goal was to defend Russian territory and “Liberate the Donbass” He also accused the West, which, in his words, was trying to “destroy the country.”

Vladimir Putin mobilizes 300,000 reservists

Along with the partial mobilization order, Putin also announced a push for “increased funding for weapons production” and left a global threat: “The West’s aggression against Russia has gone too far and is determined to threaten us with nuclear. I tell the West: we There are a lot of weapons to deal with, more modern than NATO’s, and if Russia’s security is threatened, we’ll use all means to fix it. We will use all means, I repeat, all means, this is not bluff“.

Vladimir Putin sticks to his claim that Russia is focused on ‘liberating Donbas territory from Ukrainian neo-Nazis, heirs Massacre and torture of Nazi oppressors“, in his words, “They attacked hospitals and schools. “We cannot abandon these people,” he said.

[El rechazo a sus referendos en la Ucrania ocupada agudiza el aislamiento de Putin]

superior Referendum launched by pro-Russian leaders between these territories September 23-27, Putin stressed his support for its realization. “These people decided to hold a referendum and asked us to keep them safe, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.


Putin’s speech caused panic all over the world.In a statement to Sky News, UK Foreign Secretary Gillian Keegan found the escalation in the speech worrying, warning that His threats must be taken seriously.

From China, they also raised a tone of concern, and the foreign ministry urged all parties have a conversation And find ways to address the security concerns of all parties.

In Ukraine, on the other hand, Putin’s statement was received without surprise.Mikhailo Podoljak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, told the news agency Reuters This is a “foreseeable step” and it shows “The war did not go according to Moscow’s plan.”

Podoljak stressed in text message that Russian President Vladimir Putin Tried to accuse the West of waging ‘unprovoked war’ And Russia’s deteriorating economic situation.

Amend the criminal law

The mobilization of new soldiers is expected since Tuesday afternoon, when Russia’s Duma (the lower house of parliament) tested an amendment to the law that was included in Russia’s penal code for the first time Concepts of “mobilization”, “martial law” and “state of war”.

In addition, at the same session, several amendments to the Russian Penal Code were adopted, which increased the Abandonment, robbery and voluntary surrender Soldiers in wartime can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The revised law also punishes subordinates for refusing to carry out orders from their superiors during a state of martial law, conditions of armed conflict or during combat operations, and for refusing to take part in military operations, Sentenced to two to three years in prison.



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