Vladimir Putin commands his generals in Ukraine and stirs officers’ anger over defeat


President of Russia, Vladimir PutinCNN reported that the company gave orders directly to generals on the battlefield, which is “very unusual in a modern military” and revealed “dysfunctional command structures” and compared the information with “familiarity with U.S. and Western intelligence sources” compared.

The sources explained that conversations with Russian officials who were highly critical of decision-making and tactics were intercepted.They coincided with a phase of the war in which Moscow lost a losing streak and thousands of square kilometers of conquered territory, leaving Putin in a dilemma both inside and outside, ordering mobilization 300,000 reservists.

[Así cambiará la guerra la llegada de los 300.000 soldados rusos]

According to CNN, the United States has interpreted the campaign as the desperate result of a short-handed president who now insists nuclear threat Trying to thwart the will of Kyiv’s allies once they plan to leave the West without gas or food and damage their economies.

Putin hides a clause in mobilization order that would allow 1 million Russians to be summoned

According to a senior NATO official told CNN, Moscow is having “intense discussions” about the reasons for the failure of the Kharkiv region, and the Kremlin is trying by all means to divert attention from Putin, who is known to have more Multi-responsibility is higher than already envisaged in future conflicts: he has been giving orders that correspond to his supreme command on the ground, denying them.

lose allies

With these first-person guidelines on such a sensitive issue and so many lives at stake, Putin harvests anger His army goes from top to bottom, as well as leaders inside and outside Russia’s borders with whom he has so far been allied or at least ambiguous. All of this increases public opinion.

Such public opinion can only take to the streets to demonstrate at the risk of arrest. For the past few hours, Google searches in Russia have focused on how to get out of the country or how to break your arm so you don’t get sent to the front lines.

Security forces detain protesters in Moscow as opposition reservists fight in Ukraine.


[Putin oculta una cláusula del edicto de movilización que permitiría llamar a filas a un millón de rusos]

Sources consulted by CNN are also skeptical that some of Putin’s announced mobilization will be successful, given Russian troops’ problems with supply lines, communications, and ultimately, increasingly, morale. There is discouragement and abandonment. In addition, one expert told CNN it must be taken into account that any reservist would need four to six months of intense training.

Today, Russia attacks critical infrastructure such as dams or power plants, but to the US, these are trivial “retaliation” gestures, just gimmicks. For the Kremlin, this is a delicate moment that needs to change.China and Turkey have brought Putin’s attention “Cease fire” the first instead of celebrating ‘Illegal’ referendum in Donbass second.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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