Vive Latino Zaragoza 2023 brings Calamaro, Venegas or Juanes


Zaragoza (EFE) for the second consecutive year on September 8 and 9, 2023.

The poster for the Spanish edition of Vive Latino also features names like Ana Tiyoux, Carla Morrison, Depedro, Elefantes, Fuel Fandango, Lila Downs or Xoel López, among nearly forty names of artists from both sides of the Atlantic .

They will perform for a maximum of 22,000 people a day in the environment of the international exhibition that Zaragoza hosted in 2008.

Calavera, Camilo Septimo, Carolina Durante, Dani Fernández, Delaporte, Erin Memento, Great Bob, Los Bengala, Los Bunkers, Los Santos Inocentes, Los Zigarros, Lucía Tachetti, Mastodon, Morgan, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Natalia Lacunza, It Won’t Be go to you gustar, Sara Hebe, Sexy Zebras, Sidecars and Tachenko will be the rest of the groups that will join the Spanish version of this great musical event, which has a long history in Mexico.

more american artists

As the director of Vive Latino España, Nacho Royo, announced in this new edition, one of the requests of the participants has been heard and the presence of American artists has increased, which will be 15 of the total 38 on the displays, compared to 8 last year.

The promoter of the event was accompanied in the presentation by the Director of Culture of the Government of Aragon, Víctor Lucea; the deputy mayor of Zaragoza, Sara Fernández; the marketing director of Cervezas Ambar (sponsors), Enrique Torquet, and the cultural journalist Pablo Ferrer.

This second edition also doubles the presence of female artists, as well as local performers, with Gran Bob, Erin Memento, Los Bengala, Los Santos Inocentes, Tachenko and Calavera.

“The lineup will feature 56 Latin Grammys, 3 Latin American Grammys, 26 MTV Europe and Latin America, 2 Goyas, 3 Ondas and up to 3 Oscars across the Expo’s three stages,” Royo said of the quality of the festival program. ., which succeeded last year in attracting 34,000 participants of forty different nationalities.

Capacity reduction to care for the public

In this edition, to make the venue a “unique space”, tickets will be limited to a reduced capacity of 22,000 spectators per day, despite the fact that the venue can accommodate up to 40,000, with the aim of “taking care of the public as well as the artists.

As in the last edition, the 80,000 meter field will feature three stages, continuity DJs, cultural activities, restaurants and drinks, all with logistical improvements compared to last year.

“We want people to be very comfortable; It is an essential piece so that the festival can stay in time. We want to get a bigger and bigger community and for that we have to do everything on our side in terms of comfort”, he stressed in reference to an appointment that “has come to stay”.

renewed bet

And it is that, as indicated by the deputy mayor of Zaragoza, Vive Latino not only helps the city to become a cultural reference, but also to attract economic activity, since in the last edition it has had a direct impact of nearly 4 million euros.

For his part, the Director of Culture of the Government of Aragon, celebrated that “Vive Latino’s commitment returns renewed” and hoped that in the medium and long term, when the great musical event takes place, it will be capable of being permeable to the entire territory.

Tickets for this new edition are already available in the form of vouchers for both days on its official website and on Ticketmaster at the price of 99 euros.


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