Vive Latino de Zaragoza generated an impact of 3.8 million


Zaragoza (EFE).- The Vive Latino held in Zaragoza at the beginning of September generated an economic impact of 3,829,000 euros and brought together 33,736 participants. Almost a third of them came from out of town, as the city’s deputy mayor, Sara Fernández, revealed on Wednesday.

This figure was obtained through a study of the data provided by the promoter of the Vive Latino festival, divided into three blocks.

Visitors from 40 countries

As for attendance, it rose to 33,736 people over the two days of the festival, 16,103 on Friday and 17,633 on Saturday. Among them, 32% came from outside Zaragoza and almost 5,000 people, 14.24%, from abroad, of 40 different nationalities.

The average expenditure of the foreign visitor was 166.99 euros, while that of the national amounted to 170.55 euros. Based on this data, the Deputy Mayor concluded that the impact generated by these visitors, excluding residents of the province of Zaragoza, was 2,764,526 euros.

Assistant of the Vive Latino Festival in Zaragoza. EFE/Javier Belver. File, archive

As for the arrival of professionals from outside Aragon to work at Vive Latino, there were 971 people for whom an average stay of 5 days and an average cost of 130 euros were estimated, which translates into 114,000 euros of direct impact.

The third block represented the expenses within the festival itself and the investment made by the organization in the companies and staff of the city, which amounts to 950,000 euros.

14 million social media impressions

Regarding the evaluation of image and external projection, there were 14 million impressions on social networks, 1.2 million impressions via banners from other websites and 112,000 interactions on the networks, in addition to the 305,000 users of the festival page.

“Vive Latino has put Zaragoza on the map, not only culturally, but also economically, as an economic and tourist attraction”, underlined the deputy mayor.

Fernández assured that the organizers of Vive Latino told him that they were “very satisfied with the result, beyond the fact that they also had to get their numbers”.

Will Zaragoza be the meeting place again?

And that is why from the consistory they will work so that the Vive Latino 2023 “returns to have Zaragoza as its headquarters”. Negotiations will already be initiated on this path, with meetings that will begin after the Fiestas del Pilar. In any case, it will be soon because the festival announces the poster and puts on sale tickets and bonuses “months in advance”.

The Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon, Víctor Lucea, also referred this Wednesday to these data, declaring, in statements to the media, that the regional executive is “very happy” and “satisfied” with “the positive impact that Vive Latino has had in the city of Zaragoza and in the Community”.

Lucea indicated that the Aragonese government is “favorable” to the continuation of the festival in Zaragoza. He said that this type of celebration “strengthens Aragon’s position as a land of talent, culture, Music”.

For this reason, he announced that the regional executive “will work so that, in the next editions of Vive Latino, Aragonese musicians and artists can have their own space within the festival environment”. The goal is that the public “from all over the world” know the talent that the territory cherishes.


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