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Take a boat to the Ile de Sein at the end of Finistère. For the fun of finding your own day at the end of the world, between the sea breeze and the blue sky!

This is a new chapter dedicated to me Brittany road trip… From our stopover at Cap Sizun, we go to visit the island of Brittany and its lighthouse.

An island is like a question mark placed on the ocean. Sein Island, this turbulent land stretches for only a few kilometers. It is 7 kilometers from the coast of Brittany, and on the other side, very far, hinting at American commitment.

Beaten by waves and surf, threatened by erosion, and guarded by two lighthouses, the Isle of Saine is a stunning place to be approached with curiosity. Here in summer there are no cars or even bicycles, we do it all on foot. This part of Brittany is connected to the mainland by a daily shuttle, which is more frequent in summer.

When visiting the island, one will appreciate the strength of character of its 300 inhabitants and imagine what life on the island is like.

However, we were not alone in wanting to visit this beautiful place and the number of tourists seemed to upset the balance of the place. You can indeed come across restaurants with a touristy vibe, unfortunately you may not be welcome, which is a shame. My advice: if you want to taste the specials from fishing, read the reviews and book ahead of time.

Practical information for travelling to Shengdao:

Departure from Audierne (Marine Station Saint-Evett) with a shipping company Penn Bed Where Finist’mer. The crossing takes 50 minutes. And there are more connections in the summer. Price: About 35 EUR A/R per person. You can also start from Brest or Camaret.

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It’s amazing to discover this island without a car. Flat with little vegetation, its width varies from 30 to 500 meters. It straddles the waves like two pieces of land connected by rails. The house tightens around the harbour and is therefore oriented towards the elements. There is also a museum (see below), artisans and a welcoming supermarket.

My Favorites: What to do on the Ile de Sein

  • Climb 360 steps Gourenes Lighthouse 360 degree panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. Dizziness guaranteed.
  • Use binoculars to observe shore plovers and other seabirds
  • picnic by the sea
  • Take a deep breath and walk around the island
  • Photograph the picturesque harbour
  • Navigate the narrow streets of the town and imagine life in Sennes
Breast Bay Finistere Island

Sein's house

thrilling!View from the top of the lighthouse of Gulenez

One of my favorite places on the Ile de Sein is the view from the top of the Goulenez lighthouse. You can climb to the top of this lighthouse painted in white and navy blue. Here’s the panorama we enjoyed from there, as a reward for climbing 360 steps this time!

I tell you more about the lower corner headlights…

Curiosities and activities on the island of Sein in Brittany

These activities, I haven’t tested them, but if you have the time and desire…

  • You can visit the Île de Sein museum dedicated to marine rescue. The area is dangerous, centered around coral reefs and ocean currents, so that’s a key theme (yes, I dare).
  • I wanted to kayak on Chaussée de Sein hoping to see dolphins or other marine life. Events must be booked in advance!
  • There are swimming beaches. But many of us land, so you have to enjoy being with other tourists.
  • Note: You can also stay in a hotel, hotel or guesthouse if the island is suitable for a day trip.
  • You can also find information about natural parks love sea.

What is there to do on Saine Island?  Brittany Event Ideas on the Yapaslefeuaulac Travel Blog!

Passion for the Lighthouse of Brittany

The lighthouse is a symbol of Brittany! I can’t wait to see one…I definitely want to visit one when I discover the area.Therefore, I am passionate about climbing Gourenes Lighthouse.

On the boat to the Ile de Sein, you can see old lighthouse (below), in the open ocean. It was crazy to see this lighthouse on an island in the middle of the waves.

Near the Ile de Sein you can also see the famous Almen Lighthouse. If you are interested in the subject, I recommend you to read Emmanuel Lepage’s comic, Ar-Men, hell of hell, which brings us to this atypical place! She recounts how the lighthouse was built in 1867, and many legends revolve around it, a feat of construction.

Insanely, before they were automated, the safety of ships depended on the work of lighthouse keepers, who lived in difficult and sometimes lonely conditions, lighting up lights and guiding sailors during storms. For example, guards would follow each other in the Almen lighthouse, which was not automated until 1990.

Vieille Lighthouse - Finistère
old lighthouse
Leaving the Finistere Coast
Boat crossing from the Finistere coast

I hope you enjoyed this trip to the Ile de Sein and maybe give you some ideas for your holiday in Brittany! View all blog posts Dedicated to Brittany, click here 😉 I have taken you to the ruins of the Karnak Stone and Vannes. I share my road trip itinerary.

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