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On my next road trip to Brittany, I’ll take you to a place that I absolutely love. We spent a few days visiting Cap Sizun near Pointe du Raz. Here we are located at the end of Cornouaille in the southwest of Finistere. From Alsace, where we are from, it really is the other side of France!

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Surfers, nature lovers and swimmers meet on the rugged coast of Cap Sizun. From the top of the cliff, you can admire the endless sea. This is a corner still reserved for mass tourism. Here we pull out our binoculars to observe seabirds and bathe on the large sandy beach of Baie des Trépassés, a great place to watch the sunset. We tasted smoked fish and wandered the port of Audierne during the market or in the city of Pont-Croix, while the flea market enlivened the alleys… We went to explore an island.

But that’s not all! Wonderful old stones, old buckwheat mills and other discoveries adorn this part of our trip to Brittany. I have several favorites at Cap Sizun, one of my favorites during my road trip to Brittany last summer! You will find them in this article…

Where Cap Sizun sleeps: you can find Rent a studio or private residence, in my opinion the most beautiful and pleasant way to live near Cap Sizun or Pointe du Raz. The whole area is beautiful and only you have to be transported to fully enjoy it.

Cap Sizun’s Favorites and Suggestions to Visit

Abstract of this blog post

my favorite

  1. coastal path
  2. Keriolet Buckwheat Mill
  3. Punkroy

    More access ideas +: Audierne port, Sein island and Menez Dregan dolmen

    Three gourmet addresses at Cap Sizun

    *Click to go directly to the event you are interested in!

1. Walk along the wonderful coastal path of Cap Sizun

Visit Cap Sizun - Cliffs and Trails

The advantage of Cap Sizun is its kilometers beautiful cliff. You can admire them and walk around in many places.splendid customs trail (GR34) allows you to travel around Brittany, faithfully following the Finistère coast.

We wandered in different places on the coast, always in the same way want to know Facing a cliff plunging steeply into the sea, surrounded by silhouettes of seabirds, which can be observed with binoculars: boreal bill, red-billed crow, kitten gull, etc.

Also, during our trip in August 2021, the wilderness was in bloom: such a romantic landscape, with heather in shades of pink and purple! If it weren’t for the scorching sun and heatwave, we would have walked for hours with this view…

4 places to walk on the coast of Cap Sizun

This is 4 places for your walks, we have tested and approved. Sometimes the trail makes a fairly short loop, and then you can continue on the GR34 if you wish. Afterwards, don’t worry if you don’t see all of these places, each site is a little different, but the same type of landscape unfolds before your eyes.

  • “Pointe du Raz in Cap-Sizun” website: At the end of the territory, facing the sea, overlooking the Baie des Trépassés and its beaches. We walked a short 45 minute walk along the coast, with different viewpoints on the cliffs. We saw different sea birds and even a grey seal yawning in the water! Compared to other walking spots in the area, this is a slightly busy place with cafes and shops next to a large paid car park (6€50).
  • Fant du Van: Another pretty spot, a rocky promontory looking over the cliffs, with a small church in front of the blue horizon.
  • Gulian Cap Sizun Reserve: There you can admire the birds who nests on cliffs Their nests (northern gulls, common puffins – cousins ​​of penguins, etc.) can be seen directly, with 40 hectares of moorland. If you love sea birds and flowers, how wonderful!
  • Thousand points: We walked along the coast along a nice path with a short walk facing the sea and jagged cliffs. As a bonus you can see the most popular Kériolet mill, The following information in the blog post

Some photos of our walk in Cap Sizun

Visiting Cap Sizun: what to see first!Advice on the blog

Happiness of Cap Sizun

Bird watching at Cape Sizun

2. The old buckwheat mill in Keriolet, a real poem

This is a little mill love, passionate refurbishment! Le Moulin du Keriolet is a poetic place thanks to an extraordinary association. Nice to find it in the cool forest after a few minutes walk. Leave the charm of this place and the grated buckwheat flour under your armpits! Its wheels are fed by a stream that runs through the bushes.

The mill’s history dates back to the 19th century. He stopped touring in the late 1950s, and then young volunteers started shooting at him. show to the public In the 1990s, the renovation started in 2008 and the production of buckwheat flour was resumed!

3. The city of Pont-Croix and its marvelous church, Notre Dame de Roscudon

I love discovering Pont-Croix at a flea market that brings the town’s cobblestone streets to life. I even unearthed some treasures in the shade of its stone house. It’s fantastic to stroll through the historic center of this medieval city, at the end of the mouth of the Goyen River, defined as the “Gateway to Cap Sizun”. Stop by for a drink or a bite and admire its façades, some of which date from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Pont Croix, the character town of Cap Sizun

Our Lady of Roskuden

The highlight of the city of Pont-Croix is ​​its atypical 13th-century church, especially in Cornwall. I really enjoyed visiting the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame-de-Roscudon! what a wonderful look When you get to your spot on the corner of an alley. Its medieval architecture, combined with elaborate details, creates a real stone lace. It is a testimony to the city’s past wealth. An amazing style between Gothic and Romanesque that amazes me. Its gorgeous porch is etched in my memory… look at that!

Magnificent porch - Notre-Dame-de-Roscudon

Inside…details are great too, plus the lighting effects on the stained glass windows give the church an extraordinary vibe. Its columns, its painted paneling and its statues moved us ♡.

Notre-Dame-de-Roscudon Bridge Cross

Three other ideas for a visit to Cap Sizun

After the favorites above, I still recommend other great ideas to explore this part of Finistere!

Wander the narrow streets of Audierne

go to the market from Odile Strolling through the narrow streets lined with small shops and the alleys full of hydrangeas is so charming! You can dine at the port’s restaurant and bring back canned sardines.

Audierne - Port - What to see in Cap Sizun

The Dolmen of Menez Dregan

Pass near Audierne and also stop on site Lead Dregan. We can see prehistoric traces on the restored site. In addition, visit the interpretive center and the cave – the latter with a guide.understand situation Advance Possibilities and Timelines! We just admire its dolmens as we pass by.

A day in Brittany

From Cap Sizun, it’s a great idea to spend a day on the Ile de Sein! I told you in detail In the last post of the blog “Brittany Road Trip”…lots of photos! Had to climb to the top of the lighthouse to get an absolutely fantastic view.

Ile de Sein - Discover Cap Sizun

Food address in Cap Sizun

Chez Monsieur Papier, tasting smoked fish
Chez Monsieur Papier, tasting smoked fish

Mr. Paper: For a fresh, homemade lunch or snack, stop by stationery brand Monsieur Papier’s fancy little bookshop café.I made a special post this good address on my other blog Birds and bikes are here.

Amen smokers: Bring back the place where the fish was smoked, and a hotel. see his website

Cider House: On leaving we would have liked to visit the Tromelin Cider House but due to the schedule we couldn’t. View information

Affordable tapas at Audierne, we also love the relaxed atmosphere of La Caravane Bleue (facebook page), a food truck with a festive patio in the parking lot at Capucins Beach.

I hope you will enjoy exploring Cap Sizun in Brittany with me!in the next episode My road trip in Brittanywe’ll be off the road for a day to see three curiosities other than Cap Sizun...

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