Virginia, the Republican laboratory, with or without Donald Trump, will begin to win


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Virginia, where elections will be held on Tuesday, November 2nd, has become Republican Party Find a formula that helps mobilize the voter base Donald Trump But it will not scare middle-class voters in the suburbs.

Both Republicans and Democrats are examining the nature of these elections. First meter -Although it is local- What happens on the eve of the 2022 legislative elections, Where the Democratic Party Joe Biden They may lose their majority in both houses of Congress and have a very difficult two years before the 2024 presidential election.

The balance of whether or not to be in Trump’s shadow is complicated, even though the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, Glenn Jankin, Seems to have found him in the opinion polls, which makes him only one point lower than his Democratic rivals Terry McAuliffe, He has ruled the state from 2014 to 2018.

In Fairfax, Virginia, an election poster supporting the two candidates.


In recent hours, Youngkin has jumped from one election event to another, shaking hands with everyone: from a bearded Trump supporter wearing a jacket with a photo of a rifle, to a person claiming to feel the end of the election. Angry white female. During the epidemic.

The woman’s name is Julie Byers, and she and one of her six children participated in an election rally in Manassas, which is only 50 kilometers away from Washington and is more conservative than the rest of northern Virginia. .

“I voted for Trump, I like what he gets, but his personality is hard to absorb. This is a bit split. I think Glenn Youngkin has the best of both worlds.He has great ideas, but also a great personality,” he told Effie.

“I think,” he added, “Glenn Youngkin will bring people together, not divide them, and this is what I like about him. He is warm, charming, and sincere.”

54-year-old Youngkin portrays a “self-made” image He went from washing dishes in Virginia Beach to amassing a fortune of $400 million in the investment company Carlyle. This position made him a major donor to the Republican Party.

Despite the similarities with Trump, as a businessman with no political experience, Yang Jin has a completely different style: he speaks completely and avoids controversy, even though he winks at the party’s extreme right wing defending the wrong theory of the former president. Election stolen.

Alliance of Trumpists and Moderates

He shakes conspiracy theories from time to time, but his biggest asset is the school. This issue is not important to Republicans so far, but it may be the secret of uniting Trumpists and suburban moderate voters.

Youngkin has been able to capitalize on the anger caused by school closures during the pandemic He also accused McAuliffe of wanting to exclude parents from their children’s education.

The Republican candidate for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngin at a campaign rally in Alexandria.

Glenn Yankin, the Republican candidate for the governor of Virginia, is in a campaign in Alexandria.


It also claims that the Democratic Party is trying to instill in minors the so-called critical racial theory, which believes that the history of slavery in the United States is the source of systemic racism, which still permeates its laws and institutions.

Although the theory was not part of the Virginia school curriculum, Jeff Fuller regarded it as a huge threat and equated it with “communism.”

“My biggest motivation is to prevent Virginia from falling off the cliff of socialism.”, Maintaining a very confident Fuller, wearing a hat decorated with the American flag, limped because he still carried the “lead” of the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

One of the most frequent posters at Manassas rallies is “For Youngkin’s parents”, but it is also mixed with other posters such as “For Youngkin Police”, “For Youngkin Farmers” and “For Youngkin Latinos”.

Biden referendum

All those posters supporting Republican candidates also appear to be nailed to the lawn of a single-family home in the suburb of Arlington, which is adjacent to Democratic strongholds in Washington and Virginia.

However, in that part of the state, the message supporting McAuliffe is more prominent. McAuliffe is a 64-year-old centrist Democrat who has a close relationship with Bill Clinton (1993-2001) and has been Part of the party organization.

Democratic Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe (Terry McAuliffe).

Democratic Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe (Terry McAuliffe).


For him, 55-year-old Wendy Shambrand voted, who worried that if the Republican Party wins, the rights of women and transgender people will be frustrated. “I’m afraid if we lose, we need to win again”, bill.

Like Shamblain, 1 million people voted early in Virginia, far higher than the nearly 200,000 people in 2017.

Before Barack Obama (2008-2017), it has been a Republican state, One of the keys is to participate Both campaign teams are doing their best to get people to vote.

If for Republicans, the election is a test of their ability to maintain a balance with Trump, then for Democrats, it represents a referendum on Biden’s nine-month term.

Biden defeated Trump by 10 percentage points in the Virginia presidential electionBut history favors the Republican Party: Virginians have voted against the Republican Party in the White House since 1977.

The exception is McAuliffe, who won when Obama was president in 2013.


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