Viral video: Woman dances with her Korean mother-in-law in Telugu song


They were dancing to the famous song “Ra Ra Reddy I Am Ready”.

Music is a universal language that crosses cultures, races, religions, genders, and anything else that can divide people. A hint of hope, happiness, or even sadness can be passed from one soul to another with just a musical note. Witnessing an amalgamation of two cultures is always a delight. In one such case, an Indian woman danced to a hit Telugu song with her Korean mother-in-law.

In a video shared jointly by Dasom Her and Jungyi Lee on Instagram, the two women can be seen dancing to the famous song “Ra Ra Reddy I’m Ready“. The song was released this year for the movie”Macherla Niyojakavargamand is sung by Lipsika and Aditya Iyengar. The women can be seen dancing energetically, matching the beats to the hit number. Both wear traditional Korean costumes called hanboks. She calls her mother-in-law “Super Mom”. , as seen in the text of the video.

Along with the video, Ms. Her wrote in the caption: “No matter how dark this world gets, we will conquer it with love. Love always wins! Love always! This song, this dance, this moment with my mother, everything keeps me My love for you! I hope you keep going too! We are here for each other!

The clip was posted on September 4 and since it was shared, it has amassed over 8.8 lakh views and over 72,000 likes.

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“Full of happiness…


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