Viral video in which Gerard Piqué scolds Shakira for being kind to fans


Despite the fact that more than five months have passed since Gerard Piqué and Shakira announced their breakup, this continues to be one of the hottest topics in social news today. So much so, that both the one from Barranquilla and the Catalan continue to be In the spotlight, which is why many videos that have the ex-couple as the main protagonist continue to come to light. This is precisely what happened on the last occasion, when a clip came to light in which the former FC Barcelona player harshly criticizes his former girlfriend for being nice with his followers.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira in the car.

Given the bad relationship that has arisen between the athlete and the singer’s fans, many of the latter have wanted to bring up images and recordings that show that the current boyfriend of Clara Chia he would not have treated the mother of his children well when they were still in a romantic relationship. This is precisely what has been reflected in the last hours as a result of a video that has gone viral in which Shakira appears making a heart with her hands, directed towards her fans, while Piqué scolds her for having made this emotional gesture. A situation that has unleashed a controversy within the 2.0 universe, with more and more people calling it “narcissistic” and “unhappy” Gerard supposedly not wanting to see his partner happy or allowing her to stand out above him at any time.

Finally, it has been known that the video in question dates from 2019, specifically from the day on which it took place the final between Spain and Canada in the Davis Cup, held in the capital. A situation that has generated controversy and that has fueled the search for other moments in which Gerard would not have been entirely kind to his ex, such as in a 2015 recording released by Jordi Martín, in which you can see a fragment about what it was like coexistence between the Colombian and Piqué.

At a time when playing with a ball, the center-back is heard whispering that “let’s see if he hits his partner in the chest” with the aforementioned object. Something that she achieved in the second shot of her, while the artist could only utter a slight cry of complaint between the loud laughter of her then-boyfriend: “This is living with a footballer”she herself wrote through her social networks almost a decade ago, referring to the video that is now giving people much to talk about.

Shakira and Piqué greeting / Gtres
Shakira and Piqué greeting.

In this way, the idea that the love story between Shakira and Gerard Pique had become unsustainable, which is why they have chosen to go their separate ways while their children, Milan and Sasha, will be able to do life in miami together with her mother after the ex-couple has reached an agreement.


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