Viral video: Dog jumps in excitement after seeing his food, internet is divided –


The dog, which is jumping, does not stop for a moment.

Dogs are funny creatures. They can brighten anyone’s gloomy day with their sweet gestures. Whether it’s their delicious meals or a delicious snack throughout the day, dogs get really excited about food. At the first hint of food, they bark, jump, lick their lips, and wag their tails.

In a similar incident, a dog was seen jumping up and down in excitement while a woman was seen pouring her food into a dog bowl. It gets funnier because the dog keeps jumping, which makes the woman smile. A few seconds later another dog arrives and patiently sits down to eat. The person recording the video shows the stark contrast between the two dogs. The dog, which is jumping, does not stop for a moment.

The video was shared on Twitter by Twitter user Buitengebieden on November 27 and has since amassed three million views and over lakh likes.

Watch the video here:

One user commented: “My dogs are so spoiled they don’t get excited at all about dry food. They literally look at me, then look at their bowl and look completely insulted and then walk away.”

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“My mood when payday comes around,” said another user.

“Look at the excitement. Hahaha, how cute,” a third person said.

“I love it when dogs do that. The thing is, when my dog ​​does that to get something, I always take more time to…


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