Violence and looting: Peruvian airline strike is out of control for Pedro Castillo


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President of Peru, peter castle, is against the ropes.After a state of emergency was declared curfew in Lima and Callao Truck drivers and field workers protesta week-long strike that saw hundreds take to the streets, sparking violent brawls that led to injury and damage in the center of the capital.

peaceful march curfew ends and Against Pedro Castillo’s management Ends at Abankai Boulevard near Parliament, converted to battlefield Demonstrators against the Peruvian National Police.Demonstrators pressure castillo Repeal state of emergency and curfew.

In central Lima, several demonstrators attacked a seat in the judiciary, in particular the High Court, whose the door is smashedAlso, they tried to set fire to some of the furniture inside, as confirmed by the president of the Supreme Court of Peru and the judiciary, Elvia Barrios.

theft, stone…

After destroying the façade of the judiciary, this looted and some robbers They took computers, computer equipment and documentsas Efe was able to verify.

During the march, some demonstrators trying to reach the Government Palace, Police blocked access, which led to initial tensions between the two parties, leading to Officers fired tear gas, Answered by startup Stone To the police and even the media.

A protester tried to throw a container at police.Eph

The force of order did not intervene in some disputes, such as putting out bonfires and city furniture that some protesters had consumed, but they raised their hands and asked the violent people to stop their attitude.

Police do nothing

police, the inaction is obvious At times, his attempts at dialogue were unsuccessful, and the most violent protesters continued to attack buildings in the area.

Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Chavari, State television Peru TV reported that Four police officers injured He was taken to hospital after clashing with demonstrators.

Furthermore, he rejected the violence of some who, according to him, infiltrated the protests in Lima.

Castle’s resignation

After a tense atmosphere, the peaceful protest moved to San Martín Square, its place of origin, where thousands stayed until late into the night, They asked Castillo to finish his term.

But in the end, the attackers reached the aforementioned square, They broke the windows of the Peruvian Continental Bank, They robbed a supermarket and, as Efe was able to confirm, took several bottles of wine.

It was the first robbery in Lima in eight days traffic interruption, Because within a week, there have been minor attacks in other parts of the country, such as Ica or Trujillo.

It was also the first violence since the protests began, and until now there has been little response in the capital or its neighbouring province of Callao.

Despite the punctual and brief cut of roads away from the capital until Tuesday, Castillo decided to impose curfews in Lima and Callao shortly before midnight on Monday.


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