Vinicius was allegedly threatened by a popular TV show that sparked an information war in Spain.

TI have Vinicius the Younger episode of racism and everything that happened last week and during the derby is far from over. Today, a new controversy has arisen that has rocked social media and made several people and sports shows popular again.

Considering what happened, we must remember that it all began last Thursday evening, when, on a popular Spanish night show called “El Chiringuito”, the footballer’s agent called Peter Bravo said the following about whether a Brazilian should dance or not when he scored a goal: “If you want to dance samba, go to Brazil. Here you need to respect your fellow professionals and stop acting like a monkey. “

The agent then apologized and said that his unfortunate wording came from the fact that “acting like a monkey” is a common non-racial expression used in Spain. But the damage has already been done. This sparked a campaign of support for the Brazilian, mostly from his home country.

The hashtag #BailaViniJr (#DanceViniJr, in English) became a worldwide trending topic for several hours, and there were signs of support for the player. leather, Neymar and many others talked about it publicly. Real Madrid would do the same with an official statement announcing “legal action against racist expressions” without mentioning Pedro Bravo or beach bar.

Shortly thereafter, Vinicius himself posted a video on his social media denouncing the racist attitude towards him and adding that he “won’t stop dancing”. After the derby, and because of all the commotion that had ensued, Pedrol publicly apologized to Vinicius on the program for a comment made by Pedro Bravo: “It was an inappropriate expression, but not a racist one.”

Why the Vinicus controversy has returned, and now it’s an information war

Spanish journalist Yaqui Angulo shared on his YouTube channel a video in which El Chiringuito threatened Vinicius Jr after Pedro Bravo’s comment. “If you post a video, we will destroy you in our program.” According to Angulo, it was a phrase verbatim, and he assures that he “has evidence” that this happened.

The said information, also confirmed by ESPN Brasil, backs up Angulo’s video with some images from El Chiringuito’s Twitter, in which some of the comments from the commentators stand out against the Real Madrid player’s attitude after the derby.

El Chiringuito says it will sue after allegations

Shortly after the publication of said video, a response came from El Chiringuito. Joseph Pedrerollits founder and host took to Twitch to talk about what happened.

“We are preparing a criminal case against those who said that we have mafia views. We will reach the end. Our show may not always be right, but it never threatened anyone, we will prove that we did not threaten Vinicius“.

This controversy has now been further intensified due to this media battle. It remains to be seen whether Vinicius or his entourage will announce this publicly.


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