Vinicius “Ronaldified” himself


Tthere have been few strikers in the history of football who are better one-on-one than the legendary Ronaldo Nazario. All you have to do is watch the video of the Brazilian who played for both RealMadrid as well as bar (among other things), to watch an incredible game in which he drops both defenders and goalkeepers in unstoppable counterattacks. He really made something so complicated quite simple for beginner football players.

One of those young players who idolized him and felt the need to emulate him was Vinicius the Younger. The pressure to do so was probably more driven by the media and other outside influences. As a teenager, he was heavily criticized for alleged lack of target when shooting.

AT vigohowever Vini used a superb pass from Luka Modric to seal the perfect male counterattack Target. He received a forward pass, ran past the defender and found himself alone against Marquesen, Celtic goalkeeper. Once in this scenario, he had several options, but he chose the best one: dribbling through his dominant foot to leave GK behind and score an empty net.

The play was like a Ronaldo would have done it, and Vinicius made sure to give him credit: “I always watched Ronaldo’s videos and he always said when I talked to him that this is the easiest way to beat the opponent’s goalkeeper. And I was able to do that by calmly moving the ball away from him.”

Vinicius spoke to the media after scoring his first goal of the season for Real Madrid and revealed what the goal was. A strong game in addition to his two excellent passes this season: one in European Super Cupgive Benzema scoring moment; and his layup to Lucas so he can get on the board against almeria.

This goal against Celtic is proof that Vinicius the Younger now has more and more tools at his disposal, and his potential is growing rapidly. Last season he scored 22 goals (and provided 20 assists), which was a key moment. RealMadrid winning La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Vini begins to instill fear in the opponents’ fan bases and their defenses. Every time he received the ball in Vigo, the Celta fans quickly whistled and booed in an attempt to take him out of the game. But it didn’t work. He seems to be at the point in his career where these things no longer stop him. He is only 22 years old, but he already boasts of scoring the decisive goal against Liverpool in 2022. Champions League the final.


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