Vinicius responded to racist remarks against him: “I will not stop dancing”


Vinicius the Younger already a superstar and the Brazilian’s success seems hard to swallow for some people. However, the 22-year-old has shown himself to be not only a brilliant player, but also a great person with great maturity.


Victim of racist and xenophobic comments this week, came answered with some of his own words after similar Neymar, raffinha and even clean rushed to his defense.

In social networks, Vinicius posted a video looking at the situation from his point of view.?

Vinicius: I won’t stop dancing??

“As long as the color of the skin is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war,” Vinicius began.

“I have this phrase tattooed on my body. This thought is constantly in my head. This is an attitude and philosophy that I try to put into practice in my life. They say that happiness worries. The happiness of the victorious black Brazilian in Europe is much more annoying.

“But my desire to win, my smile and the sparkle in my eyes is much more than that. You can’t even imagine. I became a victim of xenophobia and racism in one statement. But none of this started yesterday.”

“A few weeks ago they started criminalizing my dancing. Dances that are not mine. They belong Ronaldinho, Neymar, package, Griezmann, Joao Felix, Matheus Cunha… they belong to Brazilian funk and samba artists, reggaeton artists and black Americans. These are dances dedicated to the cultural diversity of the world. Accept it, respect it. I’m not going to stop.

“I come from a country where poverty is very high, where people do not have access to education… and in many cases there is no food on the table! I don’t usually go public to refute criticism. I don’t speak. They praise me and I am also silent. I work! I work a lot.

“In the field and beyond. I have developed an app to help educate children in public schools without any financial assistance. I am creating a school with my name. I will do much more for education. I want the next generations to be prepared as and me, fight racists and xenophobes.

“I always try to be a professional and a model citizen. But it doesn’t work, it’s not trendy on the internet, and it doesn’t motivate cowards to talk aggressively about people they don’t even know.

“The script always ends with an apology and ‘I was misunderstood’. But I repeat this for you, racist: I will not stop dancing. Be it at the Sambadrome, at the Bernabeu or somewhere else.

“With the love and smiles of one who is very happy, came junior.”


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