Vinicius clearly responds to Paris Saint-Germain and Benzema’s resounding shovel


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Vinicius is an enviable player after a season that has really incubated in Real Madrid’s attack. If we are to believe the news from Marca last weekend, especially from Paris Saint-Germain. In an interview with the show Bem, Amigos! On SportTV, Vinicius reacted fairly explicitly to the desires of the outside world.

“I will continue to be the biggest in the world. This is just the beginning. I have a lot to conquer. I hope to be able to tell a lot by the end of my career. »

Vinicius also evokes the legend of Karim Benzema, who took down Vinicius at half-time in the 2020 Champions League tie against Fran Mendy.

“It’s nothing. Karim loves me so much. He always goes out of his way to help me. He came to talk to me the next day and he said it wasn’t. I’ve always put it on the positive side. He’s always on the pitch. give everything for me. »

Finally, Vinicius spoke about his relationship with other big names in Brazil, with Ronaldo first advising him to “celebrate the title well”. But there is also his admiration for Neymar. He is our best player. Opponents always pay more attention to him, and he asks us to run in space because he has the ability to find us. He did everything for me and he was a great friend. Also suitable for the youngest. The older you get, the more stress you have. He calls it responsibility. It also takes it away from us, from those who arrive. Playing for the national team is a lot of pressure, but you get used to it. »


While Paris Saint-Germain will try to place their pawn on Vinicius’ future, the Real Madrid winger has responded in the Brazilian press. There’s also a chance to get back to him from Karim Benzema.


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