Vikings ‘figure out’ how to keep Kirk Cousins ​​amid Kevin O’Connell hiring, NFL insider says


Pup to Kirk Cousins entering the field for 2022 Pro Bowl on Sunday Adam Schefter of ESPN commented on the quarterback’s situation with minnesota vikings.

Shefter said he thought the Vikings would think of something to keep the cousins ​​out now that they reportedly hired Kevin O’Connell. Cousins ​​and O’Connell worked together in 2017 when the former played QB for Washington commanders and the latter was their quarterback coach.

O’Connell, now offensive coordinator Los Angeles Ramscurrently has Super Bowl focus, so the Minnesota deal won’t close for another week. Getting another opportunity to coach Cousins ​​is reportedly one of the reasons O’Connell is looking to replace Mike Zimmer ace Minnesota head coach.

“Kevin O’Connell worked with Kirk Cousins ​​in Washington. Kirk Cousins ​​supported Kevin O’Connell for this job,” Schefter said. One of the reasons Kevin wants this job is Kirk Cousins. have a relationship.”

What must the Vikings do to save Kirk Cousins?

The problem Minnesota will face in keeping Cousins ​​is that he carries $45 million cap hit entering the final year of his contract with the Vikings in 2022. If the franchise retains Cousins ​​in his current contract, he will receive a 20% salary cap, leading to other tough decisions when it comes to big names. how Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen.

Shefter suggests they might renew his contract in a couple of years and restructure it like they did after the 2019 season, which put them in that position. It’s basically simple postponing the inevitableso if the Vikings keep the cousins ​​next to O’Connell, as Schefter believes, a Super Bowl spot is non-negotiable.

“Minnesota and Kirk Cousins ​​will Think of something [this offseason]and maybe come up with a restructured contract that adds a few years for Kirk Cousins ​​and eases the Vikings’ salary cap this offseason to give them more money to spend on other players“, Shefter said.


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