Video: Rapper Travis Scott continues to perform despite public requests to stop the concert


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Astroworld Festival in Houston (Texas, USA), a concert of American rappers Travis Scott What do I know Eight people were killed and dozens were injured in a large-scale avalanche, Continue to generate new hypotheses.

Local authorities in Houston revealed on Saturday that there were several opioid overdoses at the concert. Another hypothesis they dealt with was Event participants may inject drugs into participants, This will detonate an avalanche.

However, a new video appeared Organize directly for singers and eventsThe social networks were flooded with pictures of the public asking to stop the concert, and then it was obvious that the audience was at a loss.

In the previous video, a participant asked the concert security agency to stop the performance. Someone was injured and then frustrated because he did not receive a response from the performance organizer.

Despite repeated requests from the crowd not to do this, the rapper’s concert continued.According to reports Washington post, The incident was reconstructed in the complete video, and the incident stopped one hour after the first call for help.

The fire department ensured that the incident occurred in The crowd at the concert began to “crowd to the front of the stage”This situation caused panic among the assistant and the first injured person.

A total of 11 people were taken to the hospital due to cardiac arrest, and at least 8 people died. In addition, about 300 people needed medical assistance due to injuries such as cuts and bruises during the event, and about 50,000 people participated.

Scott announced on Twitter that he was “shocked” by what happened. The rapper’s partner Kylie Jenner-known as one of the youngest billionaires on the planet and a member of the famous TV broadcast Kardashian family-denied the recent Regarding the allegations of her boyfriend and her daughter’s father, they will not prevent the concert despite listening to the demands of the attendees.

Jenner made a speech through her Instagram story Not only a clarification of what happened, but also a recollection of the victim: “Travis and I are broken and destroyed. I think with all those who were killed, injured or affected by yesterday’s events. And pray. For Travis, I know he cares very much about his fans and the Houston community,” the young woman began to write.

“I want to make it clear We didn’t know anyone died until the show was broadcast.If they knew, they would not continue to film or perform,” said Kylie Jenner, who was also criticized for sharing a snapshot of the concert on social networks when the tragedy happened.


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