Video: Alabama dodged an upset against Texas, but Nick Saban still cursed his players after the final whistle


NCAA college football returns with second week of season and what a thriller we had between the number one team in the country, Alabamaqueen visited the Texas Longhorns in Austin.

in Alabama Crimson Tide struggled with missed passes and penalties in the game as a result, the Texas defense played a great game, forcing the away team to hit six consecutive hits at one point during the game.

in the game ended in a 20-19 victory for Alabama after they regained the lead with a couple of seconds leftbut head coach Nick Saban was not happy with one of his players as soon as the game was over.

Why did Nick Saban curse one of his players?

Even you, Will Reichard, hit the game-winning 33-yard field goal with less than 10 seconds left in the game and his team took the win. Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban was unhappy.

As they ran onto the field to greet and congratulate Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian, Saban caught a glimpse of one of his players making a horn gesture.Texas’ signature move, and he wasn’t happy with it.

Saban is known for not liking to show his team’s success to rivals.and yelled “Don’t do this shit” to his player while continuing to run.

Texas starting quarterback Quinn Evers out with injury

Quinn EversTexas Longhorns freshman and starting quarterback dropped out just before the end of the first quarter due to a hard fall on his left shoulder during today’s game against Alabama.

Before my early departure Evers had a good game.the game tied to 10 points, and he scored 134 yards and only three incomplete passes on 12 attempts.

i threw it away beautiful 46-yard bomb for Xavier Worthy to set up his team’s touchdown right before he left.


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