Victory Federica vs. Pablo Urdangarin: Who Won the Cousins ​​Duel?


Victoria Frederick and Pablo Udangarin They share ancestry and age, but that’s about it. The two, the most mediating grandsons of King Juan Carlos I, were in their twenties, but their careers had been completely separated. One is a loyal representative of Generation Z, and is also a young Internet celebrity who has been striving to impact, and the other is on the way to becoming a sports star. They are cousins, but they are two sides of the same coin.

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To talk about Victoria Federica is to talk about a complete media revolution. From the time he was 18, his popularity soared. Soon, he started to make it clear that he could find a place in a field as competitive as fashion.The truth is, he’s doing it bit by bit because his most recent signing is horse in topiaThis was her first big contract as a model, and she was done with the help of her good friend María García de Jaime. While we can’t forget that Princess Elena’s daughter has a lavish godfather in the fashion world, her father Jaime de Marichalar is a director of LVMH.

His activity in social networks is 2021 is a pivotal year as he decides to open up his social network to the public. On Instagram alone, she’s amassed 216,000 followers who don’t forget the events Victoria Federica attended or her trips with friends. The last one was last week, when she was seen in Paris. There he enjoyed fashion weeks and occasional parties, such as those at the Palacio de la Bolsa organised by the Calzedonia company, where he coincided with figures such as Chiara Ferragni, Sara Carbonero, Paula Echevarría and Palma’s Rossy, among other luminaries.

As far as her dealings with the media are concerned, Victoria Federica never makes statements to the media, except for the magazines she reports on, which are usually on the front page. She felt uncomfortable being the center of attention. In some cases, he has starred in a moment of fame, such as last summer when he filmed Starlite the same dress Bigunella von Bismarck.

Pablo Udangarin

If Victoria Federica has a strong talent for social networking and fashion, the 21-year-old has it in sports. He inherited his father’s passion for handball and gradually became one of the best players in his career. Pablo Urdangarin is an icon and every time he travels with Barça de Balonmano he is loved by the public. He has an elegant demeanor and spares no time in taking pictures with fans.

Iñaki Urdangarin and his son Pablo / Gtres

As for his attitude towards the media, he is quite right, he has survived the enormous pressure on his family after his father’s affair. agnoia yamentia And the subsequent separation from baby Christina. Unlike his cousin, Pablo Urdangarin prefers to have his own private social network, reserved only for his closest circle of followers, which includes Victoria Federica.


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