Victoria sneakers that you will like as much as we do


Slippers are a staple in our wardrobe 365 days a year, and these from the Victoria brand that we have found in El Corte Inglé’s online store are wonderful. Nails white sneakers with several details that make them very special, perfect for modern women like us who prioritize comfort.

Made of leather-like material and suede in Spain, they are retro-style sneakers. The retro style, which mimics the aesthetics that go from the 30s to the 80s of the 20th century, is more fashionable than ever. In store stands out the striking colors and patterns that do not go unnoticed. The secret to balancing this fashion is to combine the garments with sneakers like Victoria.

In white, they have a sky blue V for Victoria detail on the side and an orange stripe on the heel. The sole is three centimeters high, so it is neither too high to be considered a platform nor too low for the feet to foam the ground.

With lace closure and round toe, these are sneakers that we can combine in a thousand different ways this spring. The culotte jeans are trendy, and they feel good because they narrow the thighs and visually lengthen the hips. We can cheer up with a look of culotte jeans with one blouse with ruffles and floral patterns and Victoria sneakers.

The mix of styles It’s fashionable, so why not combine some sneakers with more formal wear? For example, with a suit of jacket and pants and a short-sleeved T-shirt to go to the office. A relaxed and stylish look, and very comfortable.

In some cases leather sneakersTo remove adhesive dust, it is best to move a soft brush in different directions and apply a very light pressure. Once they have been used, we must leave them in a ventilated place.

It’s also a good idea keep the original paper that the shoes carry at the time of purchase to better maintain the shape of the loads and prevent them from deforming.

Victoria sneakers are on sale at El Corte Inglés for € 65.90, from numbers 36 to 41. Shoes that are perfect for all of us: they are stylish, comfortable and elegant and we can wear them at any time of the year. Can you ask for anything more?

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