Victoria Federica’s transformation: from the red carpet to casual looks


Victoria Federica is the fashionable guest. There is no focus or carpet that can resist it. She red, of course. Since she decided to remove the privacy of her Instagram profile in October 2021 and she will begin to show her passion for fashion, the daughter of the infanta elena (58) and Jaime de Marichalar (58) has not stopped attending the most desired events and becoming the attraction of promotional parties and editorials in the industry. So much so that the young woman already has more than 200,000 followers on the social network and rubs shoulders with stars like Rihanna.

Brands are aware that having it is a guarantee of success. Little or nothing remains of her past as a shrunken girl or of the shyness of her debut, a little over a year ago, attending the annual Elle Awards gala. Victoria Federica, in the shadow of her brother in her early years, has become quite a it’s royaland his change of style and his good relationship with the Soy Olivia agency, which represents other of the most sought-after profiles in our country, such as María Pombo, Grace Villareal or María García de Jaime, a close friend of the granddaughter of the king emeritus.

But also, according to some experts in aesthetic medicine, the influencer would have also undergone the odd aesthetic retouching to significantly improve her image. “She has outlined her nose, raising it, the tail of her eyebrows, injected lips and cheekbones,” they pointed out in the program Save me after some statements by the deputy director of It’s Federico’s morningIsabella Gonzalez.

Victoria Federica de Marichalar in a photocall in Madrid / Gtres

The expectation for the niece of Felipe VI has been maximum in recent weeks, after rumors of a possible estrangement with her mother due to the decision of the influencer to leave her Marketing and Communication studies that she had been studying since September 2019 at The College for International Studies, an exclusive private American university in Madrid. And it is that apparently, Doña Elena does not understand that her daughter, as a member of the Royal family, changes her studies and academic training for the likes and the cameras.

Victoria Federica in Marbella / Gtres

One of the last public appearances of the influencer has been at the great Christmas party that the firm Moët & Chandon organized in the Cibeles Palace in Madrid last November 30. A show of gold and expensive champagne that required a formal dress and raised a long list of celebrities, among which the presence of the queen of hearts, Isabel Presley (71), Mar Flores (53) or Diana Kruger (46) stood out. For this occasion, the niece of King Felipe VI chose a long dress embroidered with sequins in greyish tones and mermaid inspiration from the firm specialized in brides and guests, Claro Couture.

And from the shine, to the jeans and the washed face. The same week, Victoria Federica, following in the supportive footsteps of her mother and her grandmother, Queen Sofía, and like other influencers like the Andalusian model Ana Moya, has also visited the house that Ronald McDonald Foundation (FIRM) has in Madrid, to see first-hand the work that the Association develops offering a “home away from home” to families with children who suffer from long-term illnesses in Spain and are forced to move from their city, accompanying them during their medical treatment and making them feel at home.

Victoria Federica in a charity event / Gtres
Victoria Federica in a charity event / Gtres

In the act, the daughter of the Infanta Elena did not limit herself to interacting with the children present there, but also offered to make a short speech (his first in public) for which she was very nervous. “Thank you for inviting me. When I found out about the work, I considered it very important to show my support and be here, the work that is being carried out is admirable. Suffering a disease within the family is something very painful and moving from your own home to have treatment in another city makes the process more complicated, “said the daughter of the Infanta Elena,” she said. influencer.


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