Victoria Federica: veto the media and unexpected altruism


More than a year has passed since Victoria Federica went from being a mere relative of the King to growing up on social networks. It was during the month of October 2021 when the daughter of the Infanta Elena chose to put an end to the hermeticity opening his Instagram account, probably without imagining that this small movement would make his life turn 180 degrees. And so it has been. And it is that, thanks to that gesture, the young woman managed to climb positions until she became a influencers recognized both inside and outside our borders, gathering more than 225 thousand followers on its social networks and having attended some of the most outstanding events on the planet. But the truth is that King Felipe’s niece is not a typical content creatorand this has been demonstrated in each and every one of his public appearances.

Victoria Federica at the Moët & Chandon / Gtres photocall

Despite having been present for more than 365 days at the most important style events in Spain and surroundings, Froilán’s sister has not yet taken a step forward when speaking to the media present on the red carpets to which attend. Unlike the rest of her fellow professionals, Victoria Federica prefers not to make statements to the press, thus avoiding topics that may be uncomfortable for her such as his relationship with members of the British Royal Family, or his supposed and recent scuffle with his mother. That is why, the team representing her, she always prefers to make it clear in the calls that the young woman is not willing to offer any testimony in front of the cameras, limiting herself to posing in the photo call displaying his exquisite stylistic taste. An attitude completely contrary to that of some of her close friends such as María García de Jaime or María Pombo, who do not hesitate to show their sympathy and naturalness whenever they have the opportunity, answering the questions that the reporters have prepared and revealing what they have achieved. a large part of his followers thanks to his closeness.

Victoria Federica and María García de Jaime in Madrid / Gtres

However, it should be noted that the influencers she does not always remain silent about her personal and professional matters in front of journalists. In this last year, Victoria Federica has starred in exclusive interviews in elle, Hello!and finally InStylehaving had the opportunity in all of them to bring out his most secret side so far in the public eye, and demonstrating that he is totally accessible to those who are willing to listen to his full testimony without making prior judgments.

Victoria Federica with friends in Starlite / Gtres
Victoria Federica with friends in Starlite / Gtres

That is why the ex of Jorge Bárcenas may be trying to take a step forward, although keeping his characteristic hermeticity at bay. Proof of this is one of his last appearances on the occasion of Mc Happy Day, having traveled to the Ronald McDonald house, located at the gates of the Niño Jesús hospital in Madrid. An appointment in which Princess Leonor’s cousin was able to approach all the people who were around her without any qualms, thus breaking with the false beliefs that appear in some articles and that label her as a young girl who has dropped out of school to focus on social media.

Victoria Federica, at a McDonald's / Gtres event
Victoria Federica, at a McDonald’s / Gtres event

According to LOOK has been able to learn from sources close to Victoria’s communication team, it would have begun to alternate its presence on red carpets and fashion events with acts with a lot of solidarity weightwhich confirm that it carries out without any type of remuneration and non-profit. As if that were not enough, in events like the one mentioned above, the influencers He has broken his silence to express how it felt to hold a baby in his arms and interact with other little ones. A moment in which the little experience that the young woman has when mediating words with the media has been perceived: “Thank you for inviting me (…) When I found out about the work, I considered it very important to show my support and be here, the work done is admirable. Suffering a disease within the family is something very painful and moving from your own home to have a treatment in another city makes the process more complicated”, she pointed out, visibly nervous and thus losing the fears that she may have, giving way to a new stage in which it is probably more present in solidarity evenings to gradually be encouraged to deal with the press normally.


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