Victoria Federica leaves home to live with her boyfriend

Victoria Federica de Marichar Already flying alone. Last summer, the granddaughter of King Juan Carlos I left the lair and became independent from her boyfriend Jorge Barcenas.This was confirmed by the environment where the young woman went to the portal VanitatisA big step forward, this can only show that Vic’s relationship with DJ, as his friends know, is growing.

Infanta Elena witnessed how her 21-year-old daughter took off. This is a source of happiness and pride for the mother, but also a certain nostalgia for all the years they spent together at home. In addition, they have always been nails and flesh, which is no secret. Fortunately, Doña Sofía’s daughter left alone and another came.That is Floyland settled down with his motherwith. This is a temporary move until the controversial student finds a new home.

Froilán and Victoria Federica de Marichalar have a wonderful sibling/Gtres relationship

The new house Victoria Federica moved to is located in the centre of Madrid, in Paseo de la Castellana. It is the home of Jorge Bárcenas, this apartment offers all the comforts in an area where real estate is not cheap. There is no doubt that this shows that the music producer is doing a good job.The source of the information consulted by the same media who provided information on Vic’s actions ensured “This is a great stomping”, At the same time they confirmed that “he did a very good job. We all think they live together, although we can’t confirm it 100%, it’s 99%.”

Liberation is a breath of fresh air for the granddaughter of the honorary king. He has always liked the freedom to go in and out of the house, But sometimes he will be strongly opposed by his mother. When he turned 18, he managed to get rid of the escort that had become his shadow. Sometimes, they let her live a lifestyle she didn’t want: «Vic wanted to take the subway like her other friends, she asked, they wouldn’t let her, she took the bus, and the rest were public transportation because of friends Can’t get on with her and the driver,” the same testimony said.

Victoria Federica and Jorge Bárcenas, photos from last summer / Gtres
Victoria Federica and Jorge Bárcenas, photos from last summer / Gtres

Her relationship with Jorge Bárcenas deepens every day. Now that they live together, they will have more time to dedicate, even though the dj’s schedule is very busy, which allows him to travel around Spain to play music. Last summer, they spent together on the Costa del Sol, which is absolutely unforgettable. At the same time, he continued to study business administration and management at the prestigious Institute of International Studies (CIS). The pure happiness of Victoria Federica.

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