Victoria Federica: from her mother moment to the earth swallow me


Victoria Federica He has shown a new record on his profile never seen before: his most supportive facet. She has done so early to participate in an event organized at the Ronald McDonald house, located at the gates of the Niño Jesús hospital, in Madrid. The objective was to publicize Mc Happy Day, which will be held on December 2. That day, all the funds raised from the sale of the well-known BigMac hamburger will go to the foundation, which seeks to help children with various diseases.

Victoria Federica, at a McDonald’s event.

The event of this Tuesday was completely unknown territory for her. The only common denominator with respect to which she usually goes was the photocall. The daughter of the Infanta Elena has appeared dressed in beige cargo pants with a pocket, a belt and a thin black sweater. The first difference was that he had to take up the microphone and make a speech, which he admitted to having prepared: “Thank you for inviting me (…) when I found out about the work, I considered it very important to show my support and be here, the work being carried out is admirable . Suffering a disease within the family is something very painful and moving from your own home to have treatment in another city makes the process more complicated,” he said.

Once the speech was over, Victoria Federica went to the kitchens of the place, where there was a grandmother with her son to whom the young woman did not hesitate to devote all her attention, leaving us an image to remember. Victoria Federica he dared to take him in his arms and dedicate themselves. However, the little boy soon began to cry because of what they had to return to his cart, making Vic laugh.

Hand in hand with the president of the foundation, Blanca Moreno, she has toured the facilities and has seen a Victoria Federica very interested in the work that is carried out there. She has asked if all the rooms were occupied and what was the criteria for assigning them, according to her account vanity. In those, Victoria Federica has lived a major oversight. Arriving at a room, he began to pose for the photographers who required him to get the best shot, forgetting that there was a woman with the baby he was scheduled to attend to. An organizer has come to tell Victoria that she should go because she had not noticed her.

Froilán’s sister ended her visit testing a booth that they are going to install in Puerta del Sol in Madrid, from which messages of support could be sent to families who are going through a time of need and who are not going to live a Christmas far from idyllic.

In that way, Victoria Federica has wanted to make it clear that she is not only for Instagram but that she is a supportive girl who cares about the most disadvantaged. Likewise, she stars in another highly commented moment and that is that wherever he goes he leaves a trail of headlines. She is the mocha girl.


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