Victoria Federica as an influencer and her new friends


There is no doubt that the new stage of Victoria Federica as influencers it’s going from strength to strength More than a year has passed since the daughter of the Infanta Elena chose to distance herself from the hermetic nature of the King’s Family to embark on a new trajectory as a content creator. A decision that could have fallen like a jug of cold water on some of her family members, and which, however, has ended up permanently dazzling the young woman, who It is increasingly present in different large-calibre events at a national and international level.

Victoria Federica at the Moët & Chandon photocall.

On the occasion of Christmas, there are many people who take the opportunity to meet again, catch up and carry out a celebration typical of these dates. That has been what many have done. influencers during this afternoon, including Victoria Federica. It was around 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon when King Felipe’s niece reappeared on her social networks to share a series of images and videos in the company of other well-known faces within the 2.0 universe, hinting that they were having a most entertaining evening. At a large table of diners among whom she was Princess Leonor’s cousin could also see Anita Matamoros and Anna Ferrer, converted into one of the best-known content creators within our borders. In addition, all of them have posed with some Santa Claus hats with which they have welcomed Christmas in style, while Victoria Federica has taken the opportunity to play with this accessory in the company of Marta Díazthus giving rise to a funniest clip that already becomes part of the memory of its more than 200,000 followers.

Victoria Federica's story / Instagram
Victoria Federica’s story, on Instagram

In this way, the young woman has shown that she is fully integrated into the world of Instagram and everything that happens around him, hobnobbing only with the celebrities most popular in this area and who knows if preparing a collaboration that will see the light of day for 2023 that is yet to come. Be that as it may, Victoria Federica continues to keep silent every time she goes to an event, which is why we will have to wait to find out if she is immersed in a project related to fashion, something that she has admitted on several occasions to be one of the great passions of his life.

Victoria Federica's story / Instagram
Victoria Federica’s story, on Instagram

However, this approach to social networks and everything related to them could have brought more than one headache to Froilán’s sister. Despite having managed to increase her circle of friends exponentially, Infanta Elena would not have viewed this turn in her daughter’s life with very good eyes, which is why both could be facing each other in a dispute that has set off alarm bells from all corners of the country. Although the truth is that little seems to matter to the young woman, given that her popularity is in crescendo as days go by.


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