Victoria Federica and Roca Rey, a very special connection


what is in the middle Victory Federica de Maricharal and Alvaro king rock? This is the most repeated question among certain groups in recent weeks. A non-trivial matter, they themselves are responsible for feeding each game. The last one took place during the bullfighting festivities in Las Ventas (Madrid) on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Day.There, Princess Elena’s daughter and the bullfighter released their accompliceboosting the intensity of the rumors that ensured their friendship could develop towards love.

The weather on the afternoon of October 12 was more spring-like than the typical fall weather for these dates, which encouraged several familiar faces to head to Madrid’s bullring. Many VIPs gathered there to admire the bull. One of them is the granddaughter of Juan Carlos I, a big fan of the plan. Vic was seen with some friends with whom he witnessed the Roca Rey bullfight and it was a good afternoon for him as he stood on their shoulders.

Victoria Federica, in Las Ventas/Gtres

Froilán’s sister didn’t lose sight of the bullfighter from her privileged position in the stands. In fact, she was sometimes seen cheering him on. Vic Marber Take another fashion class by heading to venues in the capital Very Spanish style, consisting of trousers folded at the waist, a cropped shirt and a vest with a bullfight pattern.

Victoria Federica, Roca Rey and others / Instagram
Victoria Federica, Roca Rey and others / Instagram

But the best results came later, thanks to Victoria Federica’s Instagram. The influencer shared a photo of her appearing next to Roca Rey, hugging her from behind while holding her hand. Both were very affectionate, which led to rumors of a possible courtship between them reopening.You have to remember that Victoria cut off her relationship with the dj a few months ago Jorge Basenas.

The nature of the relationship between Victoria Federica and Roca Rey began to be hotly debated last September. Valladolid was the scene of another recent occasion, with young women donning matadors of Peruvian descent.That time, he gave him a bull, approached the stands and left Another purely connected image.

Victoria Federica and Roca Rey from Valladolid/Gtres
Victoria Federica and Roca Rey speak at Valladolid/Gtres

The friendship between the two came from afar. The right-hander is one of the emerging talents of bullfighting — and it’s become a reality. 2018 was a year of consolidation for him, and when he first approached Victoria Federica, he had some nice things to say to her: «Let’s go to the future together. You are the queen in my eyes ». This sentence also caused quite a stir. Currently, neither of them has confirmed or denied a first love, but it’s clear that their chemistry is obvious and they’re not hiding it. Time will prove everything.


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