Victims of sexual exploitation: they lived in a boiler room


Valladolid (EFE) between 35 and 37 years old.

The victims were in dire need, in some cases with dependent children. They are between 23 and 27 years old; twelve of them were released in Valladolid and one in Madrid, while four of the five arrested entered provisional prison.

Officers arrested the five alleged perpetrators, including four from Paraguay and one from Spain, for offenses of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation, promoting illegal immigration, offenses related to prostitution , against public health, money laundering and membership of a criminal organization.

The women from Paraguay arrived in Valladolid ‘deceived by soulless people and ended up being slaves’, according to the government delegate in Castile and León, Virgina Barcones, who appeared at a press conference with the chief of the Unit Brigade. Networks and Documentary Falsifications (UCRIF CENTRAL) and Commissioner José Nieto Barroso.

The police operation, which began in September 2021 and ended last November, required extensive surveillance and included the testimony of one of the people concerned, who lived in the boiler room of a dwelling consisting of about ten of rooms, in the one where the victims had to take care of the customers, forced by the pimps.

Infrastructures in Paraguay, Madrid and Valladolid

To dismantle the criminal organization, with infrastructures in Paraguay, Madrid and Valladolid, the police also evaluated the insertion of advertisements on the web of prostitution and discovered that the victims had been recruited, at least in some cases , by people from their family environment or their neighborhood In Paraguay.

Once they arrived at their destination, they were forced to work as prostitutes, for a time without receiving any money on the pretext that they had to repay the debt of their transfer to Spain, among other expenses, and they were subjected to constant camera surveillance. and microphones in the house where they lived, so they were isolated and couldn’t even communicate with each other without their captors knowing.

The women barely slept and had to be available 24 hours a day whenever a man requested their services, in addition to being forced to pose for sex pictures in order to attract clients.

They were checked at all times by the farm manager upstairs, they were not allowed to cook, and they ate quickly cooked produce so they were always ready on demand whether they were sick or not.

Their irregular situation in Spain over time has made them even more afraid to talk about their situation for fear of being arrested or expelled from the country, in addition to the fact that they could suffer from Stockholm syndrome.


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