Vicky Martín Berrocal, on the new Bertín: “I grab him and….”


Vicky Martin Berrocal It has been the last to fall surrendered to Bertín Osborne. She is still talking about the renewed body that the presenter has managed to sculpt after losing several kilos and muscular his silhouette. Taking advantage of a Christmas event on a well-known online shopping platform, the Cordoba dressmaker has not missed the opportunity to give her opinion on the matter.

Vicky Martín Berrocal in a photocall / Gtres

The Andalusian confesses that she lives Christmas with enthusiasm although they have always been “strange because my life is not normal.” She has always been a united but very small family and the loss of her father on December 29 marked her forever. This year she will spend them surrounded by friends because her daughter, Alba DiazHe leaves with his father. About her daughter, Vicky reveals that her eldest daughter does not like to celebrate her birthday, next December 12.

Precisely, El Cordobés is very topical since he has confessed that he is retiring from the arena. Vicky Martín Berrocal has been one of the most important women in her life and a more than authorized voice to assess this fact: «I think you have to know how to leave. He has given everything and has not kept anything. He has been very generous with his profession. He has an age and you have to live. We cannot forget that he has surgery on his hips, he has two prostheses and a bad blow can be terrible. I think it is the perfect moment », argues the mother of her daughter.

About the spectacular physical change of Bertín Osborne, the dressmaker says that “it is incredible. It’s like that. You see it and every day it is better. There is an evolution. But hey, this is one of the most attractive guys in this country. When you see someone 68 years old better than ever, taking care of themselves… in the end that’s what I say, what we have left of life we ​​have to live it in the best way. You have to take care of yourself », comments a woman who also substantially changed her appearance. Today she boasts of having very healthy lifestyle habits.

“He has lost 10 kilos and is in the best moment of his life,” he says. Some people say that Osborne’s cover has many touch-ups and filters, but Vicky is clear: “Photoshopped? I tell you no. I grab him by the arm, I grab him very well and he has it. I ask him where he is going to go and I confirm that he is like that. I tell him ‘what is happening to you’. It is better than ever, ”stresses Berrocal.

The physical transformation of Fabiola Martínez’s ex-husband has been one of the most commented topics in recent weeks. He himself recounted how she decided to start her big change: “I set out to get in shape four or five months ago. I lost ten kilos and I maintain myself. At first it’s a matter of willpower and now it’s a matter of habit. Exercising every day in an orderly and methodical way and taking care of my diet is something that is already a habit for me. Right now I am like thirty years ago. And it is not so difficult or so complicated, it is a matter of proposing it and that is health, that is well-being ».

in your case has combined a diet with training focused on muscle gain without fat gain, a combination that requires great discipline. In addition, he has completed the gym with other sports such as boxing.


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