Vichy Paintings: Summer Trends


Some fashions will disappear, some will come, and some will not disappear at all. This is the case with plaid printing.This trend has appeared a long time ago, especially In the seventeenth century In France Vichy. It is mainly used for tablecloths and field suits. Now, high-end fashion designers are betting on summer prints.This “print” culminates in the dress worn by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” In 1939But it was not until the 1950s that these famous paintings truly reached the highest status in the fashion industry. Now, celebrities and influential people all over the world advocate this style that is all the rage both on and off the catwalk.

Plaid pants

Lifestyle content creators, Lucia AvidaOr can’t resist Vichy’s painting fashion. Thanks to his Instagram profile, we have been able to find a “lookazo”, no matter where you go, you can use it to win. “Influencers” posing in high-waisted flared pants with this pattern are very popular among “fashionistas”. She combined it with a white top with wide shoulder straps, leaving all the protrusions in the lower part of the suit.Without a doubt, this is a good way to create one ‘Full outfit’ Don’t charge too much.

Bikini, star clothing of the season

It is not the only one who dares to use fashion prints. Nagor RoblesThis true fashion lover, as she has always shown, wore a very “cool” swimsuit this summer. The TV collaborator showed on her network that the blue and white plaid bikini is perfect for her, creating perfect harmony with her black hair.

Carmen Alcayde also wanted to join the’team vichy’ and did it in the same way as the party: the ruffled swimsuit with this picture will continue to be a trend Year by year.

Accessories and stationery

In addition to clothing, many companies are also boldly experimenting when designing accessories and stationery products.this M&M brand, Described in her Instagram profile as “passionate about beautiful fabrics and scrapbooks”, they have countless models and designs. From diary to personalized cup.

Most importantly, they ship to any country throughout Spain and the European Union.Don’t stop at desire and Join the Vichy trend!

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