Vettel makes the miracle of peace in Formula 1 with his farewell dinner


For one day, the pilots of Formula 1 they buried the hatchet and shared anecdotes and sushi instead of clashes and clashes on the asphalt. The 20 competitors of world they sat around a table to dine together in honor of Sebastian Vettelwho will hang up his gloves after playing the Abu Dhabi Grand Prixlast test of the season.

The reserved area of ​​the prestigious Asian restaurant hakkasanwho has a star Michelinswas the scene where the pilots took a break before the epilogue of a very tough year, marked by clashes even within the teams themselvesyes, how did happened recently in Red Bull, Alpine or Aston Martin.

Without serving as a precedent, they all put their differences aside to give a good end to Sebastian Vettel. The the four-time world champion was honored by his rivals both in person and through social media, where messages of gratitude have multiplied. Already at the table, it was not surprising to see Fernando Alonso sitting away from Esteban Ocon Oh Sergio Perez quite far from max verstappen


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