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Four-time Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has spoken about his status as a driver and his commitment to climate defence. This contradictory positioning calls into question the existence of the Germans in F1.

At the age of 34, Sebastian Vettel Closer to the end than the beginning of a career.See the finale of his automotive epic come, as a guest Aston Martin driver BBCTalked about his commitment to the climate, but also about his status as a Formula 1 driver. The two positions clashed, making him question his presence in the paddock.

“I’m not a saint,” he said. I’m very concerned when we talk about the future, so these conversations revolve around energy, energy dependence and where we are going in the future. Here’s what I want to know. Driving is my hobby and I love it. I love it every time I get in the car. When I got out of the car, of course I thought, and wondered if this was the right thing to do: travel the world wasting resources? »

The German pilot asks himself questions about ecology “every day”, but his vision is not Manichean. While he admitted his two positions were inconsistent, he didn’t forget that Formula 1 has helped a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic: “On the other hand, you know, we entertain people during COVID-19. We are The first person to do it again, right when everyone’s head was about to explode. I’m not saying that Formula 1 has this kind of exclusivity in the world of providing entertainment. There are a lot of people – if you’re talking about entertainment, Sports, culture, comedy — can’t act, a lot of people miss it. And I think if we don’t have that, in general, we’re probably going to go nuts.”

It’s not just Vettel who cares about the environment. The FIA ​​is also trying to take steps to make Formula 1 less energy-intensive. F1 will take one step at a time towards its goal of becoming carbon-free by 2030. From 2026, all grid-connected vehicles will run on sustainable and fully carbon-neutral fuels. In 2014, the FIA ​​launched the Formula E Championship (electric cars), with most races taking place in world capitals such as Paris between 2016 and 2019.


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