Veterinarians Urge Conservatives to Use Magic Mushroom Therapy to Combat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


IIn recent years, the number of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, especially for people who serve in the army and left the battlefield to return home and live their lives away from the dangers of battle.

Treatment PTSD is currently under scrutiny due to the massive crisis in the US and in these studies they didn’t have to invent a new chemical or compound to find effective treatment options. scientists turned to nature, or rather to the “magic mushrooms”.

Scientists explore nature for answers

Ex-military and green beret Matthew, the butler retired after 27 years of national service and returned to face a critical level of post-traumatic stress disorder that got him arrested for his erratic behaviour.

“I had a nice house, I had a great job, whatever, but I couldn’t sleep, I had frequent nightmares, excruciating anxiety, I avoided crowds,” he says. “My life has been a wreck.”

After trying psychedelic therapy, I found a way to deal with and overcome his trauma.

Matthew is a Salt Lake City resident who advocates psychedelic therapy for other veterans like him so they can heal.

I had a nice house, I had a great job, whatever, but I couldn’t sleep, I had frequent nightmares, excruciating anxiety, I avoided crowds…

Matthew Butler, Army Veteran

Denver, Colorado. became the first city to decriminalize the consumption of psilocybin, and Oregon is the first and only state to fully legalize the consumption of mushrooms. Now Utah who the red state does not lag behind, together with Texas which has Democrats and Republicans working together to pass a bill and decriminalize consumption.

Texas Republicans and Democrats work together to decriminalize mushrooms

Psilocybin is an active chemical compound of the so-called “magic mushrooms”, representatives of the mushroom kingdom, which, when ingested, cause a psychedelic experience that has been shown to alter the state of consciousness.

Psilocybin replaces serotonin (a chemical associated with pleasure and love)

Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe semilanceata have been used throughout the world for centuries, however their most famous use has been in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. The consumption of these natural perceptual enhancers has historically been associated with rites of passage among indigenous peoples.

The way they work has been carefully studied. From a chemical standpoint, when taken orally, psilocybin replaces serotonin (a chemical associated with pleasure and love), and new neurotransmissions begin to occur. Psychologically, these neurotransmissions act on the ego to help the person perceive more than just his or her own reality, focusing on the problem they want to solve from a completely different perspective.

Here is a visual video of how they work and what effect they have on the brain.


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