Verstappen under maximum supervision


T2021 Formula 1 title can be determined at Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen starts the weekend with an eight-point advantage over Lewis Hamilton… Leading up to the race this weekend Damon Hill warned the Dutchman to keep it clean and avoid the temptation to bump into the reigning world champion.

Hill lost world title Michael Schumacher in 1994, when the German excluded both riders from the final race of the season. Considering that Schumacher before this final round he was in the lead in the championship, helped by two DNFs.

Now, two and a half decades later, Hill remembered that incident by putting Verstappen under maximum supervision and even calling Red Bull a person must be deprived of glasses if he causes an accident.

“It is extremely difficult for a rider to resist the temptation to become an aggressive defender, and it is very difficult to resist,” he said. Hill said express when discussing Verstappen

“I think the point is how sports can take steps to prevent a bad ending. We have had enough of these championships that have been resolved controversially, and I think that despite all the good work that the sport is doing, it is canceled a little when we have an unsatisfactory resolution.

“What can they do? We had one season where all the points were taken from the runner-up guy, which really wasn’t a big penalty.

“I think there is a need to give a clear direction before we move on to this. They may decide to impose penalty points if we have a collision that is considered unfair. This may be the only way to prevent something like this. “

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