Verstappen: I don’t think about failures, I just focus on the performance.


Max Verstappen is under tremendous pressure because Formula 1 the world championship is approaching two final races, but Red Bull The driver argued that he did not think about the accident, but only about how to perform and get the most out of his car.

A small lead in the standings means that technically he will be in Verstappenit is in the best interest to ensure that neither he nor Lewis Hamilton finishing in the last two races of the campaign, as some riders have done in the past, but he doesn’t see that as his main goal.

“Honestly, I don’t think about failures.” Verstappen said during an FIA press conference on Thursday.

“I’m here to focus on getting the best performance out of myself in the car.

“Then let’s see how we end up.”

Verstappen never participated in a championship race in Formula 1 and journalists asked him several questions regarding the pressure in such a battle, but the Dutchman refused to believe in curses or luck.

“I think that if you believe in these things, you have a very weak mentality, and I want to say that football is not Formula 1 and Formula 1 “This is not football,” he continued.

“It’s not really Holland versus Germany, there are many different nationalities involved. I would say that there are many Englishmen, but in general, many different nationalities when preparing the car and the engine.

“It is impossible to talk about the struggle of two nationalities for the championship.”

New track in Saudi Arabia

V Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in Jeddah is a new addition to Formula 1 calendar so that drivers will get used to the track in real time.

“We are very motivated, and such a track creates different and new opportunities for everyone, not just for us,” Verstappen added.

“I hope we will be competitive, but it’s too early to talk about it.

“In the simulator, it was a very, very fast track, but this is a new track, so first of all we have to learn it in FP1.”

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