Verstappen had good allies in the decisive Formula 1 championship


VIktoria in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix it was not easy for Max Verstappen, despite taking the pole, with Lewis HamiltonWith Mercedes in such good racing shape.

But the 24-year-old could count on his many good friends in the paddock to lend him a helping hand when he needed it.

It has been controversial that five lap cars were allowed in to ensure that the pair would be head-to-head in the final title bout on the lap, but if they were not allowed to drive as originally stated, what would have happened?

Max’s comrades

That train of five cars had two Verstappenclosest friends in the paddock in the form Charles Leclercwho rode with a Dutch driver for many years, and Lando Norriswho is a teammate Verstappenparticipates in racing simulators with Team Redline and they even won the iRacing Spa 24 Hours alongside Max Beneke and Max Wenig in 2020 despite a late brake problem on VerstappenThe simulators almost lost the race they were leading from start to finish.

They knew well that Verstappen was behind and desperate, so there is a good chance they would step aside immediately to give their comrade the best chance of catching Hamilton


The other three drivers may not have been so kind Verstappen however with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vetteltwo seasoned grid riders might want to help out their friend Hamilton if they had a chance.

Alonso congratulates Max.RED BULL RACING

Esteban Ocon was the fifth driver to be missed and he had the most to say about it, given that he was Mercedes was associated throughout his career before he joined Alpine last season. He is especially not on good terms with Verstappen after the two clashed in Brazil in 2018, with Verstappen presenter and Or with lapping. Hamilton continued to win this race, with Maximum and Or with exchange words and even push and push in parc ferm.

But FIA intervened to stop any non-title fight games and ultimately Verstappen came out on top in arguably the best decisive title in Formula 1 history.

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