Verónica Forqué: from her daughter’s present to her long-awaited tribute on the first anniversary of her death


Without expecting it, December 13, 2021 became a day of mourning throughout the country and especially at the cinematographic level. Verónica Forqué passed away at the age of 66, being his lifeless body found in his apartment in Madrid by the National Police. A very harsh setback that plunged his followers, his colleagues, his relatives and his relatives into absolute sadness, the great victim of this loss being his daughter and his fundamental pillar, María.

Verónica Forqué with her daughter María / Gtres

It is because of that the young woman had no choice but to make her passion and her work her main means of escape, becoming an important international plastic artist who succeeds with her creations wherever she goes, having visited cities like Paris, New York or Miami, among many others. In this way, little by little she seems to be recovering a somewhat complicated normality and which has favored the sale of the house in which she was an actress, which would have taken place “a few months ago”.

Verónica Forqué in a photocall / Gtres
Verónica Forqué in a photocall / Gtres

That’s how I confirmed it The Spanish just a few days ago, admitting that the house in which the former contestant of MasterChef Celebrity He spent his last days of life and already has a buyer, just a year after her death. So much so, that there would even already be people living in it, which makes Maria’s path much easier when it comes to continuing her life far from our borders, without having anything, on a sentimental level, that could bind her. to Madrid or to any of the Autonomous Communities that make up Spain.

Verónica Forqué / TVE
Verónica Forqué applauding / Spanish Television

Be that as it may, what is clear is that next Saturday, December 17, the IFEMA Municipal Palace in the capital will dress up to accommodate one of the most important events for the Forqué clan. This is none other than the 28th edition of the Forqué Awards, which will be a perfect tribute to Verónica for having been one of the fundamental figures of cinema during the last third of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, which is why she did not miss this appointment in which she is now one of the most notable absentees, especially considering that They are awards that take special account of his father, José María Forqué, and that have the presence of great faces known nationally such as Miguel Herrán, Anna Castillo or Luis Tosar, among others.

Verónica Forqué Goya Awards
Verónica Forqué happy / Gtres

Without a doubt, a magnificent way to put the finishing touch to a very difficult year for the loved ones of the Forqués and which began with pleasant news. before passing away, Verónica had been chosen as the ideal candidate to voice a character of the adaptation of the traditional tale of pinocchio in the Christmas story of Cadena Ser. An impeccable work that Joaquín Reyes had insisted on respecting, admitting that the artist’s parts will be left as they were, even if fragments are missing to be completed, demonstrating that both he and many other people continue to value the work of Veronica alive


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