Venus Williams shoots a reporter: Are you going to write a good article or just a decent one?


inAnus Williams showed she still has amazing returns, and not just on the court, when she shot dead a reporter who was trying to draw comparisons to serene and then questioned her motivation.

Sitting next to a mixed doubles partner Jamie Murray, Venus was not impressed by the odd line of questions from the press conference reporter who wanted to know if the couple just wanted to do better than their siblings in Wimbledon.

“Are you fighting for the win or is it the first target to go through the third round where serene as well as Andy something is wrong?” the reporter asked.

VenusThe face said it all as she was clearly confused and unimpressed by the question and she couldn’t help saying it.

— What is this question? Williams answer as she Murray laughed.

“We came for a walk. Went”.

However, without taking the hint and not reading the room, the reporter insisted and asked another strange question.

“Are you doing this for the experience or are you going to go all the way?” the reporter asked.

Then came perhaps Venus‘best rally comeback.

“Are you going to write a good article or just a decent one?” said Williams.

“I will do what I usually do,” the reporter replied.

“So are we,” he said. Williams to close the exchange.

The video clip posted by the BBC on Twitter has since gone viral, with fans mostly praising the way Williams dealt with the situation.

Her response was measured and elegant, but made it clear that she wasn’t going to be spouting nonsense.

A reporter who probably didn’t get the citations he was seeking might think twice about disrespecting the top two professionals in the future.


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