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It took nearly ten years to mobilize, and was interrupted by announcements from time to time, and then there were poor denials, but the result was there: in Venice, since 1Uh In August, the cruise ship exceeded 25,000 tons It is no longer allowed to slow down the Giudecca Canal to pass through Piazza San Marco, providing cruise passengers with a unique vantage point in the world—and the painful feeling of city dwellers being swept by terrible excessive monsters. Prior to this, this route could be carried out by ships weighing up to 110,000 tons.

This decision has been announced many times, and many times it is mentioned that the hypothetical future lack of alternative solutions is caused by A simple decree Mario Draghi, chairman of the Italian Commission, declared the Giudecca Canal a “national monument”-thus closing the door to recourse and procrastination strategies that have characterized this event from the beginning.

However, according to the figures put forward by the supporters, Venice does not intend to abandon the activities of the representatives. Growing up navigation, No less than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs-according to opponents of cruise activities, this is a very exaggerated estimate. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop alternative courses.

Commercial traffic interruption

The solution considered for the future-a 15-kilometer “tanker channel” starting from the Malamoco Pass, and then disembarking passengers at the new port area in the Marghera Industrial Zone. Stage, with great uncertainty.

For Armando Danella, the former head of the “Special Law for the Protection of the Lagoon” of the Municipality of Venice, the company has only flaws. “The project involves excavating the lagoon near Marghera time and time again, which will have a very detrimental effect on this very fragile environment. Instead of solving the pollution problem, it will make the situation worse. In addition, these passages may cause problems. Interfering with the traffic of merchant ships, merchant ships must follow the same path and comply with all other restrictions except passenger transport. No one will find what they are looking for”, He predicted.

From 2022, a temporary disembarkation point must be established in Porto Marghera. The Veneto Regional Council has just voted to pass a resolution requiring the state to relax regulatory restrictions to speed up work on a new complex designed to accommodate cruise ships. This should not be seen. Until 2026.

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