Venezuela and Chevron sign to continue oil production


Caracas, (EFE).- The government of Venezuela and the American company Chevron signed contracts this Friday in Caracas for the continuation of joint oil production in the Caribbean country, which will be possible thanks to the relief of sanctions economic by the United States.UU .

Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami celebrated the signing of “important contracts”, of which he did not give further details, which were signed by various officials, including the President of the Venezuelan State PDVSA, Asdrúbal Chávez , and the president of Chevron in the country, Javier La Rosa.

Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami (i) with Chevron Chairman Javier La Rosa take part in a signing of agreements in Caracas (Venezuela). EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

Last Saturday, the United States government announced authorization for Chevron to resume limited natural resource extraction operations in Venezuela, following the resumption of dialogue between the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition in Mexico. , after a one-year suspension. .

El Aissami explained that these contracts are intended to “continue production and development activities in this energy sector”, and “are framed” by the Venezuelan Constitution and laws that govern oil activity.

However, the Minister assured that, although being “an important step in the right direction”, it is still “insufficient”, due to the fact that economic sanctions are still in force which – he affirmed – have affected the “powerful Venezuelan oil industry”. “and have” their legitimate right to explore, exploit, refine and market crude oil and its derivatives has been severed.

The Minister of Oil, Tareck El Aissami, participates in the signing of agreements in Caracas (Venezuela). EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

“As President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has said, we demand the cessation and immediate lifting of all unilateral coercive measures that have attacked our powerful PDVSA industry, (…) which have caused serious damage to both to the national economy” and to the “strategic partners,” the official said.

Chevron is part of a “strategic partnership” in Venezuela made up of four joint ventures: Petroboscán and Petroindependiente, in the state of Zulia (northwest); and Petropiar and Petroindependencia, in the Orinoco oil belt in the eastern part of the nation, which has the largest proven oil reserves.


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