Veliky Luka Doncic cannot prevent the defeat of the Mavericks by the Durants Nets


Brooklyn nets still remain one of the strongest teams in Eastern Conference and today they proved it against Dallas mavericks… Both Kevin Durant and James Harden keep leading the team, not yet Kyrie Irving presence on the horizon for Networks… Before them was Luka Doncic and his Dallas mavericks who were also led by Kristaps PorzingisI did 12 rebounds and 17 points tonight. During the first two quarters there was a time when Dallas dominated the game with Doncic there are always perfect moments to showcase your skills. By the end of the first half Mavericks were in the lead by 12 points, but there was still a whole second half.

After the break, we started looking for the same physical problems. Luka Doncic going through weeks. At the beginning of the third and fourth quarters, his ankle begins to hurt a lot. He doesn’t look comfortable when dribbling and jumping high. Despite the help Mavericks come forward before the end of the second quarter, it was clear Luka Doncic could not complete the whole game playing at the highest level. Although they had several chances to win in the last quarter, they missed every opportunity and ended the game with another defeat.

What’s next for Mavericks and Nets?

After today’s defeat Dallas mavericks have gone up to 11-12 record and will play their next game in Memphis against Grizzly… The Nets are 17-7 now and they will stay in Texas to play against Houston rockets on Wednesday… It looks like the current season will remain challenging for Dallas mavericks while Luka Doncic continues to fight ankle pain. No matter who they face, it will always be difficult to win if their best player is not 100% their best.

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