Vatican luxury shopping mall controversy: its promoters like to be the pope


Contains the history of the “Vatican Mall” with all the ingredients.We have to start with the fact that it is a luxury shopping mall, as it assumes on your own website, located “two minutes from St. Peter’s Square”, a place as ostentatious as several other places in the world, but home to the Catholic Church where dozens of homeless people sleep every day . It’s on Vatican soil, and it’s a full-blown deal for its coffers, but not everyone in the Holy See is happy.its originator is designated as favorite coincidence pope francisco.

Italian media spoke of a project with “two souls”, one commercial and one religious.cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Philippines, 1957) has been its promoter and main defender. He is President of Caritas International and Minister of Evangelization of Peoples.

Tagle has the upper hand, but no consensus has yet been reached. In fact, not only has the Vatican not advertised the center, it has distanced itself from the message that its opening can convey. “We don’t know, it’s not us,” they answered inside the door republic. It stings that, in addition to materializing, it will have “Vatican” in its name. Identity is undeniable, as are financial interests.

charm Social”

It opens in November. 57 stores of the “best” Italian and international brands. Clothing, footwear and accessories, jewellery, home furnishing, cosmetics and gourmet food are ‘tax free’ for citizens from outside the EU and other countries Parking 1,000 cars can be accommodated.There is no doubt that this bet is riskier than any previous one that caused dust, such as McDonald’s through her Mediation.

[El Papa Francisco Revoluciona el Vaticano: Menos Obispos, Más Mujeres y Los Niños, Intocables]

The Vatican Mall portal has a section called Charity, where you can read: “Our approach embodies the spirit of building bridges for others, providing concrete and ongoing support to humanitarian and medical organizations, with a particular focus on social problem”. In “Charity” there is another subsection, “Social Charm”: The mall “intends to launch a social movement in support of human rights.” Includes a “creative workshop that will select and design clothing and accessories with a social message”.

What Francisco said to the press in 2013, in the hours after “White Smoke,” is remembered these days: “Some people wondered why I chose the name Francisco. In the election, I had Emeritus Archbishop of St. Paul. Beside. Paul, Cardinal Claudio Humes, a good friend. (…) When I was elected Pope, he hugged me, kissed me and told me: “Don’t forget the poor The word goes in here – pointing to his head -. The poor, the poor. I think of St. Francis of Assisi, in his relation to the poor. How much I want a poor man and for the poor Serving the Church”.



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