Valverde: Real Madrid is very motivated to beat Barcelona

FEde Valverde admitted that he was nervous before Classical against Barcelona, ​​but he stressed that every Real Madrid player is motivated and committed to achieving all three points in Sunday’s extremely important game.

Uruguayan started on the bench in a 5-0 win over Real Madrid Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday, but he is expected to start at the Camp Nou to face Barcelona.

“I’m a little nervous, but also excited and very proud to be able to play games like this,” Valverde told Real Madrid TV.

“We [the Real Madrid players] very interested in winning this game. We must be united, I think this is very important. Whoever plays, whether from the beginning or later, must be prepared for the demands of the coaching staff.

“This is important for everyone. Everyone should do their bit here. I think it will be a great season for us if we can do it. “

When asked about the last Clasico between Barcelona and Real at the Camp Nou, Valverde recalled a special moment for him – the Los Blancos 3-1 victory in Catalonia.

“The first thing I remember is my goal,” Valverde added.

“And, of course, victory. It’s also nice when you score and win the game – it’s like a double dose of happiness. Points in these games are one of the greatest things in football.

“I remember when the game was over, I felt very bad, because during the match I got dizzy. I didn’t look at my phone and when I got home I had thousands of messages from my family and friends and this is really special.

“The teammates who congratulated me on my goal and victory. It was a really special day and it was amazing. “

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