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‘Vaccination obligations must be our curriculum’

largeJanuary 6, The National Assembly passed the first reading of the bill to create a vaccination pass. The latter has successfully passed a health pass, which allows anyone who has completed a vaccination course or tested negative for PCR to enter certain places that are open to the public. In doing so, the government, supported by more than a majority, decided to take firmer action to protect the health of the French people at scale and limit embolism in intensive care units, which led to unacceptable medical interventions to cancel plans . .

As the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, pointed out, by implementing the vaccination pass, we have taken another step towards a universal vaccination obligation. This is good news for our country. Today, many of us, both health professionals and elected officials, want to speed up the implementation of mandatory vaccinations against the virus that has claimed the lives and health of too many of our fellow citizens. The vast majority of the French are prepared for this, too. If we are defending mandatory vaccination, it is because it is the most effective, fairest and easiest solution.

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The most effective, first and foremost, is to protect the health of our fellow men. In fact, no one can deny the fact that vaccines can prevent severe forms of Covid-19 and save the lives of thousands of our countrymen every day.

The fairest, because it puts all Frenchmen on an equal footing, everyone is equal before the law. There is an urgent need to end the debate about vaccinated and unvaccinated because by creating categories of French we risk compromising the cohesion of our country. Mandatory vaccination removes all discrimination and creates a clear obligation for everyone: protect themselves and others.

The simplest, last, because it clarifies the implementation of the control. On the other hand, if it does not prevent the continuation of the current control through the vaccination pass, it places the responsibility for control and sanctions on its functional departments (police force, inspectors). Because it is legal, especially for companies, to not want to carry the burden of control and sanctions. Still, barriers to mandatory vaccination remain.

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The first obstacle is the attack that will bring freedom. To this end, let us first recall that freedom, as defined in Article 4 of the Declaration on Human and Civil Rights, is not to do what one wants to do, but to do whatever “does no harm to others.” In other words, some people’s freedoms end where others’ health is at significant risk. 123,000 deaths France With 5.5 million deaths worldwide, how can we deny that Covid-19 is a major risk? How can we deny that 90% of people hospitalized with Covid-19 are not vaccinated, jeopardizing their health and the health of others due to overcrowding in our hospitals and cancellation of care plans?

Then we would like to review that mandatory vaccination is not a new concept in our country. In 2018, Parliament had already decided to make it mandatory for 11 diseases. We observed that there was no debate at the time about attacks on fundamental freedoms. Today’s struggle, with the support of some, is by no means a struggle for freedom, but rather takes on the character of a poisonous political struggle that, let’s say, fosters a certain selfishness, even a lack of responsibility.

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As defenders of the obligation to vaccinate, we take up the proven risk of protecting our fellow citizens from Covid-19 and take our political responsibility: to pursue the general good, as we have done in our country for over a century Threatened by serious epidemics such as smallpox.

By mandating vaccinations, we are defending the continuity of life against those who, in the guise of defending individual liberties, are the providers of death and economic and social crises, and generations unknown to this day. We do not accept being the unresolved witness of a pandemic or economic and social crisis among the unvaccinated.

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The second obstacle to mandatory vaccination is the confidence of some of our compatriots in vaccines. Indeed, doubling of vaccine doses – 1D, 2and, 3and Maybe the fourth – can question vaccinated people and confuse the unvaccinated people with the concept of vaccines, because cultural practice delays vaccination reminders to a longer period of time. True, one would wonder if so-called “vaccine” could not be used for preventive care. Even so, today it is the only solution that human genius has found to effectively deal with this health crisis. We have to admit that the concept of a vaccine can evolve according to research progress. Also accept that, initially, the first function of a vaccine was not to avoid Covid, but its severe form, one that resulted in death or painful sequelae. The solution to Covid undoubtedly lies in the combination of vaccines and treatments, but the latter should not disqualify the former, as they are instead complementary.

Once these two barriers are removed, we believe the country must be ready for mandatory vaccination, as the pandemic now looks like an endemic disease. This intermediate phase of the vaccination pass should allow us to move forward without contraindications or scrutiny in order to prepare our country for mandatory vaccinations: how to set it up? What are the next steps to take? How to organize controls? How to protect those who cannot be vaccinated?

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More broadly, the crisis has taught us that if vaccination against 11 diseases is mandated, there are few controls designed to verify that booster shots have been administered. It is up to our country to deal with the whole issue by considering ways to ensure compliance with vaccination obligations.other countries in Europe And to walk this path in the world, we must be inspired by it. We must not miss this turning point that would isolate us and miss out on opportunities. Therefore, follow-up to mandatory vaccination becomes an urgent public health necessity.

Like many French people today, we are tired of the situation we are going through. We want the vaccine against Covid-19 to be a trivial act and make it the twelfth mandatory vaccine. We no longer accept liberty restrictions, France must learn to live with Covid-19, as with all other diseases. Our national community must now adopt policies that allow us to live with and protect ourselves from the virus. Mandatory vaccination is the first step.

Therefore, we solemnly call on the government to prepare to open a debate to create 12and Mandatory vaccine against Covid-19.

*Valérie Petit, Councillor of the North, François Jolivet, Councillor of Indre, Frédéric Valletoux, Mayor of Fontainebleau

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