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Vaccination Certificate: Only for those over 16 years old

existon Thursday 13th January with Senate, L’National Assembly The bill to establish vaccine passports was accepted Friday afternoon and is expected to no longer apply to those under 16. In the face of the pandemic, “we are running out of time”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal took the podium in place of Health Minister Olivier Véran, who was himself Impact of Covid-19.

Gabriel Attal defends “democratic consensus and firm text in the face of the virus” that the next vaccine passage is the “greatest incentive” for vaccination.With around 450 amendments under discussion, the opposition isn’t ready to lay down its arms, like elected officials BIA He unsuccessfully defended a denial motion against the “binding” text. Delegates will work late Friday through Saturday, working on a version of the bill that was close to last Monday’s reading, but with some changes, sometimes inspired by scrutiny in the right-dominated Senate.

As such, vaccination passes will be restricted to those over 16 years old for leisure activities, restaurants and bars, fairs or inter-regional public transport. Minors between the ages of 12 and 15 are still obliged to present a current health pass, which means they can go to restaurants, for example by screening a negative result with a simple test.

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The Senate will reconsider the bill on Saturday

Gabriel Attar backed the “balance” that the committee endorsed on Thursday night. However, the government and the majority party have firmly rejected a series of new amendments proposed by the opposition to exempt all under 18s from passes. “Sporting and cultural activities deprived of a certain number of minors seem disproportionate to the suffering of adolescents”, moved communist Stéphane Peu. “There is no end to stupidity,” Antoine Savignat annoyed (LR) accused the government of “splitting discord”.

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In addition, cafeteria or restaurant owners can verify the identity of the holder based on an “official document with a photo.” For companies not playing the remote work game, representatives also plan to halve administrative fines per employee. We have heard from parliamentary sources that the Senate will review the bill again on Saturday, and then the National Assembly may make a final decision on Sunday to pass the bill.

While a deal on the text appeared close on Thursday afternoon, a joint committee of Rep. and Senators failed after a tweet from Senator LR Bruno Retailleau’s boss. He declared a “common sense victory” for his people in the name of respecting the functioning of parliament, which made most people jump.

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“We never preempt debate,” the agency’s president, Richard Ferrand, responded on Friday (Light Rail). “When a joint committee is successful, it is a success for both parliaments. I know President Rachel shares the same belief,” he added in comments sent to AFP after two previous Get Senate Chair LR online.

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