USMNT officially pushes for tougher gun laws


BUTafter a friendly match with Uruguay on SundayThe United States National Team (USMNT) has used its social media channels to officially denounce the violent events that have taken place across the country.

They also call for tougher gun laws in the country.

USMNT embodies the mantra “Be the change”; calls for tougher gun lawsAP/US Soccer/Veritone

#don’t watch

In a statement and with hashtags: #BetheChange #DontLookAway, Gregg Berhalter’s team is “begging” the US Congress to “support the vast majority of Americans calling for tougher gun laws.”

A call to be part of the change

“Today we are sending this letter to every member of Congress asking them to act and help end gun violence,” the document reads.

It’s a sacred responsibility

Team USA members explain that they understand that athletes and athletes should not speak out on political issues, but agree that the safety of the country’s children is a “sacred duty”, so they decided to use their platform as public figures to prevent and advocate change, otherwise they would be irresponsible.

Uvalde, Texas

As you remember, there have been several mass shootings in the country, many of them committed by underage teenagers, the latest case was in Uvalde, Texas, where a teenager entered a school with machine guns and opened fire on students at the school. 19 children were killed, 2 teachers and 17 others were injured. This was the most recent attack, but they seem to be happening more often.

USMNT Statement

“Families in Uvalde, Texas are burying 19 children and two teachers. Please stop choosing fundraisers over children’s lives. Please stop being guided by people with no idea who vote for gun law reform or refuse to talk about it in the first place. Do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


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