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TI have United States Football League (USFL) finally returned. On Saturday, April 16, the eight-team USFL resumed its 10-week regular season with a primetime battle between New Jersey Generals and Birmingham Stallions.

The league just announced that the league’s first postseason will begin on June 25 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. On the weekend of June 25, the top two teams from each division will play in the semi-finals. USFL ChampionshipA game on Sunday, July 3rd.

The initial incarnation of the USFL was largely successful until its ill-fated move in the spring. The first USFL produced a number of future significant NFL characters, including future accounts trainer Marv Levy, defenders Steve Young and Jim Kellyon the way back Herschel Walker, pass the rusher Reggie Whitemidfielder sammills, and offensive lineman GAri Zimmermanname a few.

Giving fans the opportunity to watch and enjoy spring football, the new version of the USFL will also include some groundbreaking rule changes. Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for launch in less than a week.

What teams are in the USFL?

Northern division

  • Michigan Panthers (coach Jeff Fisher)
  • New Jersey Generals (coach Mike Riley)
  • Philadelphia Stars (coach Bart Andrus)
  • Pittsburgh Moulers (coach Kirby Wilson)

Southern Division

  • Birmingham Stallions (coach Skip Holtz)
  • Houston Gamblers (coach Kevin Sumlin)
  • New Orleans Breakers (coach Larry Fedora)
  • Tampa Bay Bandits (coach Todd Haley)

USFL timetable

1 Week

  • New Jersey Generals at Birmingham Stallions / April 16, 7:30 pm ET / Fox, NBC, fuboTV.
  • Houston Gamblers at Michigan Panthers / April 17 at 12:00 pm ET / NBC, fuboTV
  • Philadelphia Stars at New Orleans Breakers / April 17, 4:00 pm ET / US, fuboTV
  • Tampa Bay Bandits at the Pittsburgh Maulers / April 17 at 8 pm ET / FS1, fuboTV

Week 2

  • Michigan Panthers vs. New Jersey Generals / April 22, 8:00 pm ET / USA, fuboTV
  • Pittsburgh Maulers at Philadelphia Stars / April 23, 12:00 pm ET / Fox, fuboTV
  • Birmingham Stallions at Houston Gamblers / April 23, 7pm ET / FS1, fuboTV
  • New Orleans Breakers at Tampa Bay Bandits / April 24, 3:00 pm ET / NBC, fuboTV

Week 3

  • Tampa Bay Bandits at Houston Gamblers / April 30 at 4:00 pm ET / Fox, fuboTV
  • Pittsburgh Maulers vs. Michigan Panthers / April 30, 8:00 pm ET / Fox, fuboTV
  • Birmingham Stallions at New Orleans Breakers / May 1, 2:30 pm ET / US, fuboTV
  • New Jersey Generals at Philadelphia Stars / May 1, 8:00 pm ET / Peacock

Week 4

  • New Jersey Generals vs. Pittsburgh Maulers / May 6-8 / TBA
  • Houston Gamblers at New Orleans Breakers / May 6-8 / TBA
  • Philadelphia Stars – Michigan Panthers / May 6-8 / TBA
  • Tampa Bay Bandits at the Birmingham Stallions / May 6-8 / TBA

Week 5

  • Birmingham Stallions at Philadelphia Stars / May 13-15 / TBA
  • Michigan Panthers – Tampa Bay Bandits / May 13-15 / TBA
  • New Orleans Breakers – New Jersey Generals / May 13-15 / TBA
  • Pittsburgh Maulers – Houston Gamblers / May 13-15 / TBA

6 week

  • Houston Gamblers at New Jersey Generals / May 21-22 / TBA
  • Michigan Panthers – Birmingham Stallions / May 21-22 / TBD.
  • Pittsburgh Maulers – New Orleans Breakers / May 21-22 / TBA
  • Tampa Bay Bandits at Philadelphia Stars / May 21-22 / TBA

Week 7

  • Birmingham Stallions – Pittsburgh Maulers / May 28-29 / TBA
  • New Jersey Generals – Tampa Bay Bandits / May 28-29 / TBA
  • New Orleans Breakers – Michigan Panthers / May 28-29 / TBA
  • Philadelphia Stars at Houston Gamblers / May 28-29 / TBA

Week 8

  • Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions / June 11-12 / TBA
  • New Jersey Generals – Michigan Panthers / June 11-12 / TBA
  • Philadelphia Stars – Pittsburgh Maulers / June 11-12 / to be confirmed.
  • Tampa Bay Bandits at New Orleans Breakers / June 11-12 / TBA

Week 9

  • Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions / June 11-12 / TBA
  • New Jersey Generals – Michigan Panthers / June 11-12 / TBA
  • Philadelphia Stars – Pittsburgh Maulers / June 11-12 / TBA
  • Tampa Bay Bandits at New Orleans Breakers / June 11-12 / TBA

Week 10

  • Birmingham Stallions at Tampa Bay Bandits / June 18-19 / TBA
  • Michigan Panthers – Pittsburgh Maulers / June 18-19 / TBA
  • New Orleans Breakers at Houston Gamblers / June 18-19 / TBA
  • Philadelphia Stars – New Jersey Generals / June 18-19 / TBA

UFL playoffs

  • TBA/June 25 at 3pm ET/Fox, fuboTV
  • TBA / June 25 at 8 pm ET / NBC/Peacock, fuboTV

USFL Championship

TBA / July 3, 7:30 pm ET / Fox, fuboTV

Notable USFL Players

ILB Scooby Wright – Stallions

Wright has experience with three NFL teams, as well as the AAF and XFL. He was the top linebacker in college football in 2014, with 14 sacks, six forced fumbles, 163 tackles, and 29 loss tackles for Arizona. He only played three games in 2015 due to an injury.

WR Jeff Badet – Panthers

Badet has spent time in Washington DC, Atlanta and Las Vegas over the past two seasons. In 2020, he also made a brief appearance in the XFL. During his time in Kentucky and Oklahoma, the 6-foot wideout had a strong college career, catching 108 balls for 10 touchdowns. Badet was a major threat in college, averaging 16.5 yards per catch and a stunning 21.6 yards per catch in 2016.

QB Brian Scott – Stars

The USFL is the perfect league for a quarterback like Scott, who may have made his first big hit in the NFL. After an impressive pro day at USC, Scott tested out with the Chiefs in 2018. His performance in the Spring League saw him try out with the Indianapolis Colts in February 2021. Scott was a big fish in a small pond at college, throwing 77 touchdowns and just 22 interceptions for Western College in California.

QB Jordan Taamu – Bandits

In 2019, Taamu spent three weeks with the Houston Texans before joining the BattleHawks XFL. After that, he had periods in Kansas City and Detroit, as well as in Washington and the Carolinas. In college, Taamu had a successful year after taking over from Patterson, who was injured in his senior year at Ole Miss. Taamu had 3,918 yards, 19 touchdowns and eight interceptions as a starter in 2018. Among SEC quarterbacks, only Tua Tagovailoa threw for more yards that season.

QB Shea Patterson – Panthers

After playing for the Chiefs, the BC Lions and the Montreal Alouettes, the former Ole Miss and Michigan quarterback joins the Panthers. Patterson, the top pick in the USFL draft, had 68 touchdowns and 27 interceptions in his college career.

Notable USFL rules

The original USFL included a number of game-changing games that were eventually added to the NFL. Instant replay and coach calls were two USFL rules that were adopted by the NFL and are still in use today. The new USFL will also have a number of rules that make it different from the NFL. Below are the most important rule changes the USFL will be making this spring.

3 point try

Teams in the USFL will have the opportunity to score 1, 2 or 3 points after a touchdown. Additional points are awarded from the 15-yard line, as in the NFL. There will be a point-to-point conversation from the 2-yard line. The three-point attempt, now lacking in the NFL, will be taken from the 10-yard line. A team will be awarded three points if they successfully score in the game, meaning they can score up to nine points after a touchdown.

Side kick alternative

While kicks will still be available, the USFL will also provide a second option for teams looking to retain possession after a touchdown. From the 33-yard line, teams may attempt to convert one 4th and 12th play. They will keep the ball if they can go 12 yards. If they lose, the opposing team will take control of the ball. During the Pro Bowl, the NFL experimented with a similar concept: teams had a chance to retain possession if they converted games 4 and 15 from their own 25-yard line.

Stop Clock Page

Unlike in the NFL, during the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarters, the clock stops after the first down. The league claims this will lead to more offensive play towards the end of each half.

With time

Overtime in the USFL will be scored on a best-of-three basis, with each offense starting at the opponent’s 2-yard line. If the two teams are still tied after three tries, sudden death overtime will be played.


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