Step-by-Step Guide to Use a GoDaddy Email Account

GoDaddy is a brilliant service that has given ample opportunities to people and has allowed them to grow their brands and businesses. You can create an email along with a website with the GoDaddy service and establish your brilliant more strongly using these things. There is a simple procedure with which you can use your GoDaddy email account, create an account and then log into it but most people are still confused over the correct steps with which they can do this. So in this guide, you will get to know the correct steps with which you can do godaddy webmail login, GoDaddy email login and using the account on other devices. You will get the complete information about GoDaddy after you complete this guide.

What is a GoDaddy Email?

GoDaddy email is a feature of GoDaddy services that allows the users to create a professional email account using the domain name of your website and then use this email account to manage your business-related works. Having an email account with the same domain name as your business makes your business more authentic in the eyes of the customers and this is why the email service of GoDaddy is a very good feature.

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Steps to Sign up for GoDaddy Email

As soon as you create a website on GoDaddy, you get a package of GoDaddy starter emails. There are different plans that you will get when you create an mail account with GoDaddy. Now, follow the steps that we are giving you here to sign up for GoDaddy Email.

  • You need to open the GoDaddy email page and then select a plan for yourself from the four plans given to you.
  • After that, add the plan to your cart and then select a subscription plan.
  • Every plan has some specific features like storage, contacts and a calendar.
  • After selecting the plan, GoDaddy will ask you to sign in to your account or create one.
  • Now, you need to fill in the information asked by the company and then confirm all the details and pay the money.
  • This is how you can create a professionals email account on GoDaddy with Microsoft 365.

Steps to Set up Your GoDaddy Mail Account

Once, you have signed up for a GoDaddy email account. You have to move forward and set up the GoDaddy email login Outlook account. These steps given here will help you in setting up your GoDaddy account.

  • After the signing up process, you will be directed to a different screen. There, you have to add the domain name of your GoDaddy website to create the email address.
  • Then, you have to choose a username for your account. After that, create a strong and stable password for your account.
  • You can also add a backup email where you will receive additional information about the account.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email from GoDaddy. Verify your account and start setting up the configuration settings of the email account.

Steps to Sign into Your GoDaddy Email Account

You will also get a GoDaddy workspace login page along with the email. But here you will get the correct procedure with which you can sign in to your GoDaddy email account on any device.

  • The first thing you need to do is to visit the GoDaddy landing page.
  • There you have to tap the ‘Sign In’ button which will open a drop-down menu.
  • Choose the ‘Office 365 Email login’ and ‘GoDaddy Webmail Login’ options from the list and then choose the My products option.
  • You have to select Email and Office where you will see the Sign In page.
  • Click on the different options and you will be direct to your email Inboxes of different email services.
  • You can view your Outlook as well as Microsoft email account of GoDaddy email from the list too.

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There are other different methods also that will help you a lot when you use the GoDaddy mail account. You can even move your other email accounts to GoDaddy with a very simple procedure. All the other methods of using GoDaddy email are present on the website that can be navigated very easily.

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