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Every business sets a price for the goods and services it provides; the electronic payments industry is no exception. Interchange is a “wholesale” commission charged to merchants to accept bank cards.

This is a fee paid by the merchant’s bank (also called the acquiring bank) to the cardholder’s bank (the bank that issued the card) and is used to offset some of the risks and costs incurred by the issuing bank in maintaining the cardholder’s accounts.

Navidor can reduce costs

A flexible, human-sized company, Navidor Payment Solutions caters to the specific needs of its customers (merchants or companies) by offering them innovative and secure solutions for accepting payments or transferring money.


These costs include the cost of financing the interest-free period between when the customer makes the purchase and when they repay their bank, losses related to late payment, fraud protection and processing fees.

Interchange fees are set by credit card associations (such as Visa and MasterCard) and are by far the largest component of merchant acceptance costs (80-90% of these costs).

Example of a $100 transaction at a merchant (chip card):

Assume the total retail merchant rate is 2.75% (total fees divided by total total Visa/MasterCard sales).

– About 85% of the 2.75% is returned to the issuing bank (2.34%)

– About 15% (0.41%) is split between Visa or MasterCard, processor and broker

Who sets the prices?

Visa and MasterCard set rates and eligibility requirements for each of the Interchange categories, which are typically updated twice a year.

There are several thousand different interchange rates depending on the card type, merchant profile and payment method (card present or absent), etc. However, it should be noted that Interchange fees are the same regardless of processor.

Fee rates are published on the Visa and MasterCard websites.

Factors affecting costs:

Interbank fees have a complex pricing structure based on:

– Card brand (Visa has different rates than MasterCard)

– Card type (debit/credit, rewards, corporate, international, etc.)

– Industry of a typical merchant (retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, supermarkets, e-commerce, schools, gas stations, etc.)

– Average ticket (small tickets have a preferential price per transaction)

– How the merchant processes the transaction (swipe, chip, online, mobile, etc.).

=> Transactions are overcharged if they do not meet the exchange requirements.


We rely on a global network of partners (mainly in the United States, Canada and Europe) that allows us to offer solutions tailored to each client regardless of their size and specific needs.

Our prices are very competitive due to optimized structure costs.

We share a long-term vision with our customers: Our costs have been maintained over the years, for our most loyal customers for more than fifteen years!

Our main missions are:

• Optimize credit card processing costs

• Design alternative and innovative payment solutions (ACH, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets, multi-currency, loyalty cards, premium credit cards, e-invoicing, international transfers, etc.)

To that end, we prioritize fee transparency and educating our customers in an extremely complex area where hidden costs are common.

Finally, we provide personalized customer service of exceptional quality.


• Navidor Payment Solution customers generally save 20% to 60% on “compressible” fees, i.e. fees charged above the interbank rate. Biggest savings to date is $320,000 per year!

• Another client of ours transferred $55,000 from his French bank account to his US account. After studying, he would save $1,500 (almost 3%) if he went through a Navidor Payment Solutions partner.

• Since our establishment 16 years ago, several hundred customers without social security numbers and therefore no credit history have been approved.

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