US rabbis slam Biden handlers for funding ‘Palestinian’ jihadist terrorism


Biden’s handlers won’t pay attention. They will maintain the leftist/Islamic alliance.

American Rabbis Criticize Biden Admin For Funding Palestinian Terror,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, November 14, 2022:

America’s largest rabbinical public policy organization says the Biden administration is facilitating terrorism against Israel by pumping nearly $500 million into Palestinian government organizations that incite violence against the Jewish state.

The Coalition for Jewish Values ​​(CJV), a pro-Israel advocacy group representing more than 2,000 American rabbis, criticized the State Department on Monday for its allocation of US tax dollars to the Palestinian government, which is funding a program known as “pay to kill”, in which money is funneled to convicted terrorists and their families.

The CJV says the State Department is engaged in “blatant double standards” in support of terrorism, given its recent comments accusing Israeli politician Itamar Ben-Gvir of “celebrating the legacy of a terrorist organization.” State Department spokesman Ned Price called Ben-Gvir “abominable” for his recent attendance at an event commemorating slain religious leader Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose far-right views spawned a radical organization of the same name that the United States designated as a global terrorist organization.

The State Department’s willingness to criticize Ben-Gvir, who has repeatedly condemned Kahane’s more radical views, while refraining from offering similar criticism of Palestinian terrorism is evidence of the Biden administration’s bias against Israel, according to the group. rabbinic.

“The State Department is funding the [Palestinian Authority’s] continued support for terrorism while rushing to wrongly condemn Ben-Gvir for attending a memorial service for someone who died more than three decades ago,” Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, CJV’s regional vice president in Israel, said in a statement provided to the Washington free beacon. “This reflects both an egregious violation of US law and a flagrant double standard, at variance with the State Department’s neutral and fair treatment proclamations. We can and should expect better from the United States government and its officials.”…


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