US plans to remove Russia from swift bank data system due to threat to Ukraine


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state Unity Possibility to study removal Russia systematic Express Banking Details within the scope of sanctions against possible Russian aggression UkraineSenator said Thursday bob Menendez.

legislator for new sweater is the author of a draft that will include what he calls the “mother of all sanctions against Russia,” which, according to him, has support by the presidential government Joe Biden, the White House National Security Council and the State Department.

Menendez, who is of Cuban descent, stressed in a statement to the press that the draft contains sanctions “so strong and with so many consequences” that they would “significantly” affect the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to the oligarchs and the upper echelons of the Russian army around him.

Likewise, they will have an impact on Russia’s sovereign debt and extractive economic sectors such as the oil industry, he added.

However, in his view, the most important sanctions in the text are “to remove Russia from the international system, which is called fast, the transaction finance“.

At the same time, the United States could provide Ukraine with $500 million to defend against any type of intrusion.

Menendez noted that the Senate will work on and rule on the proposal after it adjourns next week.

“We’re working with Republicans who have some ideas, and we want to consolidate those efforts to have a strong voice that will have an impact on Putin when he decides to make the big mistake of an invasion. Ukraine‘ said the lawmaker.

The senator also noted that, Biden administration The transfer of weapons from the Baltic states to Ukraine has been authorized, such as Javelin-type missiles that can destroy tanks.

“Putin has to calculate not only the power of sanctions and the consequences for him and the Russian economy, but also how many dead Russian sons he is willing to accept,” the senator said.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Biden said that if he finally decides to invade Ukraine, “it would be a disaster for Russia” and reiterated his threat of severe economic sanctions.

Putin “has never seen sanctions imposed if he turns to Ukraine, as I promised,” the U.S. president said at a news conference on Thursday as he celebrated his one-year anniversary in power.


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